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History of writers.


Started : 1970's

Area : Brooklyn, New York

 lines Hit : " B's, D's, J's, M's, N's, GG's, "

Alias : D.59, RM

Writing Groups :  SSB  /  Soul Stoned Brothers,  Killem.




I started writing in Forest Hills Queens at 108th street & 64th Avenue, in the 1970's, just tagging up the poles and schoolyards.  My first tag was ROLAND 59 that lasted about 2 months.  I had to change it cause every one knew who I was.  I changed it to DANGER59, D 59 and then RM

I started writing with SCORPIO 64 a.k.a. PETER CHIAPPIONE, CHASE 64, THOR 64 who was my younger brother (he was 6 or 7 years old at the time), FLASH 161 (RIP), COKE 67 (RIP), JESUS 2, SPLIT 5, MOVE 1 etc.  SCORPIO 64 and I tagged the insides of the 7’s with toy markers and home made markers, on the way to Shea Stadium (to sneak into the Met games).  Piecing back then, was just an outlined tag on a train.  

Roger and Danger, 1975

There were just minor tags, mostly toy boyfriend and girlfriend shit, occasional FLINT's... and his conventional messages (like "for ladies only" or
"for those who dare").  B.ONE 3YB and OH a.k.a. LAZ, MINGO1, ALL1, PISTOL 1 tags.  TEE, TRACY168, and LSD3 were other writers you saw up on the trains in those days.  I started hitting stations up and down without realizing,
there was no kind of style yet.  I moved back to my birthplace, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (59th Street and 8th Avenue).  Gangs ruled!  We had the DEATH CHARGERS and the BROOKLYN CZARS, which were my affiliations.  The gangs were fun for a while, but they had no respect or values, so I quietly started spraying the trains again.

My entire neighborhood was clean from graffiti, up until a week after I arrived.  I started tagging every station up and down the N and B line, and every moving train car.  I use to see TERO tags around my way and wanted to know who that was.

I helped writers like NIT2, SKIN123 and TURN1, start writing.  We went on bombing trips to the yards and hit the streets, as well.  In 1974, I met TERO a.k.a. UC3, AFX2, AIM a.k.a. AVE SSB, KRAZY SNAKE a.k.a. KS.3, YES.7, CHINO13, EZ-ONE, TAIN-ONE and  DYNOMITE PINTO a.k.a. DP2.  Mostly TERO and I went hitting and did most of the paint stores together.  We had a shopping bag each and a basketball inside to cover the paint that we stole.  We would wait until Saturday morning when we would kill the Dewey yard in Coney Island.  “We would go nuts”!  Whole cars had RM, RM, RM, repeatedly written all over them, and TERO 3YB.  There were times we were so into painting that we would not see each other for an entire hour.

We would be at it in the early morning, listening to our own footsteps as we entered.  That is how we knew the coast was clear.

On Monday's we would head to the 59th street station with 30 to 50 other writers, just to see our Top-to-Bottom's (of DANGER and TERO).

Ocean Parkway was another cool lay up, as well as, the elevated B lines.  I started the SSB crew (Soul Stone Brothers) with TERO, YES7, KRAZY SNAKE1, AVE a.k.a. AIM, NIT2, RAGE1, and many others that were put in after I stopped.  As time went by, I started another crew called the KILLEM CREW. 

One day, we made copies of the skeleton keys (from transit) to fit all the doors on the trains.  Afterwards, we walked through and destroy the insides with Uni’s, Black Opaque's and Flow Master's.

 At times, I focused more on inside.  That’s when I met CASPER1.  He was a cool guy who killed the insides with a nice hand style and some would even say he was king of the insides.  I met this really crazy Puerto Rican kid, PINTO, that same night.  He could not keep still!  I liked going with TERO because we did not have to speak to one another, and had a routine that we followed perfectly.  The RR layups...........Damn that was the joint!  One time when we went in the RR layups on a Saturday morning the 4th avenue guys found out we were there.

The 4th Avenue guysMALO, CHINO13, EZ, BLUEBOY, LEFTY and 35 little cronies would put their names up next to ours to get recognition.  The gangs, CRAZY HOMICIDES, DIRTY ONES and the TURBAN SAINTS backed th 4th Avenue guys, being who we were, we were able to walk out of that layup.  They had much respect for us, because of who we were.

In 1975, TERO moved to Norway and I continued to write until 1977, destroying the insides and of the IRON RIDGE HORSES.  Then in 1977 to 1978, many toys (insignificant writers) started making everything hot.  This bought the infamous DANGER 59 into retirement.  As a result, I moved to Staten Island and was forced to drive so I didn't see trains much.  Of course, my life changed as I started dating and clubbing and eventually got married.   I met my wife Andrea in 1982 and have been married now for seventeen years.  Over the years with business and any my kids, life didn't permit for much spare time.   I came back in the scene in May of 2001, after a 25-year retirement.    



I started a new crew called, OLD SCHOOL KINGS.  Tthe writers from my era had sustenance and individuality to the whole Grafitti Phenomeno.  Once people abandoned their real names and went to 2 letter throw ups, no one knew who was who.  It was never the same and never will be.  Much respect to those of you founding fathers, you know who you are.  Should any one have any photos of any of my tags, throw ups, or pieces, please contact me.




DANGER59       (Creative Director of   



SLIN 2, Me, STAY HIGH 149, DEAD LEG 167 and MERK 1.... OUTLAWS.COM !!!!!!!!!!!




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