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1) Tell us about the first time you started writing  and what year that was

Since I was too young to enjoy the sixties the way they were meant to be enjoyed, I had to find other things for myself to get into.  My life was strongly influenced by the early Marvel Comics especially "Dare Devil, The Man without Fear."   This individual had heighten senses so he took a secret Identity and I was impressed by the way he overcame obstacles even thought he was blind! Then there was 


Sean Connery as James Bond, another fellow who did what he had to do in secret, after all he was a Secret Agent!  Both of these guys had been around for a few years and by1969 I knew I wanted to be cool as them and get away with whatever I wanted even if nobody else knew! When left to my own devices I used to past time by drawing abstract designs and if I didn't have paper I would  draw on the walls.  If I happened to be in a subway station at the time then so be it!  The longer the train took to come, the more I would draw... It was like therathy, I could daydream and improvise letting one shape interact with another and when the train came I would quickly sign it and be off...  




 2) What were the earliest names you remember seeing around that time.

I came to graffiti before I knew anything about graffiti!  I carved my
 name in park benches when I went camping across this country and all I saw was the usual JOE LOVES MARY and maybe someone scrawled KILROY WAS HERE but back in Brooklyn things were different, how could one not be aware of the EX VANDALS?  The first thing you notice when you drive over the Brooklyn Bridge is the sign "WELCOME TO BROOKLYN" and right above that it says "the Ex VANDALS"  They did their job so well! I remember seeing TREE 127 and wondered who that was... especially since he had a neat style like mine! MICO and I always have this little argument about all writers being toys at first until they get up and develop their style because most styles evolve into what they become famous for- so when I tell him I was never a toy he gets kinda mad but my STYLE NEVER CHANGED!!  I made it plain and easy to read on purpose - REAL OLD SCHOOL TAGGING!


3) Who were the first group of writers that you would  hit up with.

 Dino Nod, Scooter, Paranoid, Pistol 1, Killer , Savage and Chopper 13 were all friends I hung out with, partied with, made music with and of course wrote with and it wasn't always like lets go hit the layups, we just tagged as a matter-of-fact where ever we were! Then of course I met LSD3om, FDT 56, BAMA, STAY HIGH and the infamous TRACY 168!




Early tags By .... FLINT ... TJ.159 , FDT.56 , DJ.159 , DIME.139 , FLIP.1 ssb.


<< FLINT ... deliver a message to the public. FLINT was the first and true Graffiti massager of the Graffiti generation in 1970's.



4)You were the earliest group of writers to attend the high school of

art and design. Could you tell us about that.

 Imagine going to a new school in 1972 where your legend preceded you!  All it took was a few days of tags from my marker to the surfaces of those clean walls to find out who else went to that school.   Tags such as TRACY 168, SJK 171, PISTOL, EARL aka Shasta  62 aka Save the children, STONEY, BOMB 1, STEVE 61,  STOP 700, SUPERMUG and others started turning up. Pretty soon the school looked like a who's who of the graffiti world!  The school newspaper even did a editorial pleading with us to  stop and mentioned all of our names!





 5) Could name all of the train lines you hit in that earlier era and can you tell us about  some of your experiences doing it.

 I tagged the D line the most cause that's the one I took the most.  In the beginning I did it for the subway riders, to give them something to think about during their ride to and from work.  At that time my sayings were philosophical musings and parables about life.   It wasn't until I started meeting other writers that I stated promoting myself and writing for them i.e.  "FOR THOSE WHO DARE..." "BAD BUT NOT EVIL..." "FOR LADIES ONLY..."  It was great cause there was plenty of space on the walls and my name was strategically placed and thus had the impact of an Madison Ave advertisement.  This was before the big Aerosol Art explosion and just before Masterpieces and top to bottoms were invented by my friends... I sort of developed eyes in the back of my head and my ears were very open to the sounds footsteps in the darkness or trains coming in my direction...

FLINT  &  TRACY 168 

Strike a pose,, for more on FLINT check out his work @



6) You were always know for a catch phrase at the end of your name like
FOR LADIES ONLY or FOR THOSE WHO DARE, could you tell us how that came about.

 While it's nice to throw up a tag, fast and easy and move on to the next one and another writer CAN learn a lot by admiring such a tag such as who that writer looked up to and if he had a Brooklyn crown or Broadway style etc.  I wanted to leave different clues.  I was talking about my outlook on life and my belief the lone individual can go against about my outlook on life and my belief the lone individual can go against all odds to be true to himself...Have to thank Dino Nod "For Ladies Only.." He gave it to me and told me it would go good with my name, I knew right away it came from a Steppen wolf album- but I claimed it for myself in a different medium and it worked just fine!   Recently Stan 153 and I were tagging black books and he said Flint. From before CDs   and I wrote that a little. And so it goes...  (which was another of my sayings)  The last show I put in many new sayings 
such as Flint. Older, wiser, richer... and Flint. Bigger, bolder, sexier...




7) You where an early member of the famous writing group THE REBELS ,
 could you tell how that came about and your experiences with them.

My partner @ the time was LSD 3/ om   and we wanted to form a crew - so we did!  Chad


 remembered that the most influential crew of all time "the BEATLES" were once  known as the Rebels!  Since I always saw myself as a poetic rebel I quickly agreed that should be our name. We recruited many top writers including Zephyr who when he did the art for a cover on NEW YORKER magazine put THE REBELS tag there!




8) Would you have any chase stories for us.

 FOR GET ABOUT IT!! I was picked up and questioned in a holding room on the EL the cop got called out when they were bringing up some more writers, I cooly picked up an apple  on the desk, looked around and took a bite! The door was unlocked so I breezed by everyone, made my way back

on to the tracks and  CLIMBED DOWN THE EL! Another time time when I realized they were closing in, I flung the paint and markers and told them I was just a photographer trying to photograph the activity on the tracks.  They wanted the film but the real pictures were already in my socks!  Chopper 13 and I used to rack up in all the stores on Flatbush AVe Kinda nuts, come out of the book stores with 20, 30 paperbacks, come out of Comic stores  with tons of old and new Marvels,  I'm sure you get the idea.  We were in Macy's and we left with the usual assortment of watches, wallets, lighters, glasses etc.  out on the street we meet up with MICO who had no idea we just left the


store and Chopper starts whipping the ground with his new belt.  We got picked up by undercover officers looking for  gang members on  a tip that there was to be a gang fight!   We had to go to court and MICO was the only smart one with a lawyer,  the case got adjourned until some future date,  I understood nothing about the way things worked, every experience with the  court system has been very negative and it seems like I could only lose!  When we showed up  the next time, MICO was not there but somehow his name  "hyme Jimaize" became my alias and his record was mixed with mine!!  This has dogged me thru out my life, such as the time I took the Police Exam and passed with flying colors but I was unacceptable because of certain things that MICO had done!!  I tried to explain that I was not MICO ( I only got arrested with him)  to anyone that would listen



 9) Where was the last time you went hitting and why did you stop.

What made you think I quit?!!?  STAYHIGH 149, DEAD LEG 167, DANGER 59 and myself were asked to paint the interior of the EAST COAST TERMINAL SKATEBOARD PARK  upstate this year. We call ourselves the OLD SKOOL KINGZ and then we were called to do a private house  on the Jersey Shore with ROGER and TERO. 3YB.  Last month we did a court yard with TRACY 168  and of course we left the usual path of destruction on our way home.   Last week we hit the Phun Factory with Ink 76, Sonic, Fargo and Dial 167...  So you see it goes on.  CoCO, Bama and I were just talking about doing a wall in the Bronx just to blow minds but first I'm getting them down to my house to paint my staircase!




10) Would you have any closing words.





All photos are property of  FLINT and can not be reprinted with out the permission of For more on FLINT check out his web site ...   (Under construction but will be up soon.)