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"Hot 110"  


"Hot 110" was a word, and term, used to go over another writers work in the 1970's.  The reasons for writing "Hot 110" over someone else's work varied on the individual writer.   The main reason writers went over works of another writer, was to retaliate against the other for going over  his/her work, which is a sign of disrespect.  


"Cross-Out Wars"




TERROR 161 over DEAN BYB on the number 1 train line (in 1976 on the IRT's).







TRACY 168, windows-down piece is disrespected by a member of the TOP crew (which still angers TRACY 168 to this day).





BLADE TC-5 leaves a warning to all writers.

Reading:  "I see all you people like crossing out my pieces.  If I see anymore of my pieces crossed out, I will destroy all pieces!"





TAGE 1 crosses out an IC 2 Throw-Up on a number 7 train.

IC 2 was a BMT writer who wrote with DASH TK and RJ 2.  IC 2 not only hit the BMT, but also bombed the IND's and the 7 trains.  It was on the 7 line that he had a slight "beef" (problem) with CAINE and TAGE.

TI 149 and OO 1 TOP, over PI 2 (1976 on the BMT's).





DJ 159 over USE 2










CHINO 174's piece was "back-grounded" on the right-hand side of this number 3 train (in early 1975).

I never really had any big war on the trains.  However, I did have a problem with this one person, UNCLE JOHN 178.  We both knew each other before we started writing in Forest Hills, Queens, in the late 60's.  But, it wasn't until I ran in to him years later, that I found out we were both writing graffiti and getting up on the trains.  That same week, John and I went on a mission to the E and F yard.  As I finished my third piece that night, I remember hearing UNCLE JOHN 178 scream "COPS!... COPS!", "RUN!... RUN!"  I ran back to the hole were we came in and waited for him.  When he didn't return, I went back and found UNCLE JOHN 178 filling his bag with my paint.  As a result, we ended up fighting the entire night.  After that night, we were at war on the trains with each other.  I ended up "back-grounding" most of his work, leaving just a little piece of his shit, sticking out.  





The famous "Cross-Out" wars............