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Hot 110

~ Hand Style ~

What is in a name?  Everything!  How a name is written however, is even more important.  Hand writing is the first step in becoming a Graffiti writer.  Writers put in much time and pride into there tags.  Writers developed there tag, to stand out from others due to the competition.  In time, a writers tag became a label of who they were, and who they are today.




Early signatures from the SUPER KOOL 223, Who was the super king of the 2 and 5 line in the 1970's. FRANK 207, TOP CAT 126, SJK 171 all display there early had style that made them so famous on the Broadway line. FRANK 207 went on to become the king of the A and CC train lines, While TOP CAT 126 went on to define a hand writing style called Broadway elegant which many up and coming Broadway writers copied. RAY-B 954 and KOOL KEVIN 1 were two very big subway writers in the early 1970's with unique hand writing style.



CO-CO 144 .

Was a very well known and respected writer in the early years of writing.




Early signatures from Bronx writers DR.SEX 1, CAMARO 170HONDO1, FRESCO1 and  LIBRA 5. All were writers who came from CO-OP CITY in the Bronx .




Early tags from STOP 700, BANANZA, SKIP 1, STITCH, ACE 137 and CO-CO 144

 I grew up on 207th street.  Frank 207 definitely a leader as well as Julio 204.
  They all ran with a click from around Sherman and 204th street.  Below are quite a few guys who wrote too. QUE ~ QUE, CABAZON, DOG 204, LIL CAESAR 204 & 196, FRITOS 207. THEY WERE BIG/ LIL CAESAR 204 WAS PRESIDENT OF THE APACHES WHICH WERE BIG IN MID=70'S. JUNKY 1 & 2, TITO 202 and ELVIS 204 ALL WROTE TOGETHER AND WHERE WERE VERY BIG IN THOSE EARLY DAYS.

RICAN 619.

Many writers in the early 1970's at times would hit up there names on the trains while the train was even already in service.



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