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~ Hand Style ~

What is in a name?  Everything!  How a name is written however, is even more important.  Hand writing is the first step in becoming a Graffiti writer.  Writers put in much time and pride into there tags.  Writers developed there tag, to stand out from others due to the competition.  In time, a writers tag became a label of who they were, and who they are today.






An original Brooklyn writer from the early 1970's. Wicked Gary is a pioneer in the history of writing and would help build the First  organized writing group the Ex: Vandals. The group would roam the city with one goal.... to place the name of the group on any surface they could find... Subway trains, Subway station, Store gates, Trucks, Buses and Buildings. the could be seen City wide in the early 1970's and would later break off into chapters thru out the city in the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens. The original members of the group were .. DINO-NOD, WICKED GARY,  FLINT, KING OF KOOL, WICKED WESELY, BIG TIME GLASS-TOP, LA-ZAR and CONRAD IS BAD. For more information on the group check out 


Early signatures on the left from SUPER STRUT, SHARK 77 and 7-UP. All are earlier writers from the single hit generation . SUPER STRUT is a writer who bombed many subway lines in the early 1970's and would write the name TASS at the end his. Many writers believed the name TASS to be part of his own tag, but was his brother that did not write very much. 7-UP wrote mostly on the BMT's and IND's but not to be confused with the original 7-UP from the Broadway line two years earlier. A-TRAIN, PONCHO 76, AS 2 and AFX 2. All were very affective writers in there time but from different generations. It seem like every year or two there was a different generation of  writers ... A-TRAIN a writer from early generating who bombed the subways city wide in the early 1970's with the likes of SUPER STRUT , SHARK 77, SPIN etc. AFX 2 peak year as a subway bomber was in 1974 - 1976. PONCHO 76 wrote with his partner DEN - 3YB on the BMT's in the mid 1970's and would later push the Bronx writing group "SALSA" on all the Brooklyn subway lines. AS 2 was a very affective inside writer as well seen on most of the exteriors of the BMT's in 1978-1979.

Note Early single hits from : FLINT 707, STAFF 161, SUPER STRUTPISTOLSPIN,  MR ED 131



Brooklyn writer from the early 1970's. Member of one the greatest writing groups in history... The EX / VANDALS.

KOOL KITO : Not just any one could become a member of the Ex / vandals, You had to be one that got around . DINO nod put me in the group but I had to sacrifice not putting my name up, and just the name of the group.


FLINT .707

Brooklyn writer from the early 1970's and member of the Brooklyn group ... " DIAMOND INCORPORATED" a group which included  CHINO 125, SPARK 747 and PBX 2.

FARGO 1 : FLINT 707's hand style was my absolute  favorite. his helicopter " F " was so original for its time. Many remember Flint's famous candy cane 3-D top to bottom as being one the greatest piece ever, But he was very big on the BMT's with allot of single hits on the out sides of the trains.






Like I've said before, after Super Strut ruled the Es in the VERY  beginning, these cats traded Kingship of the Es back

and forth with one another because of how close they lived to the yard.  KGee, Saint 150 a/k/a Tamer, Clet (pronounced Cleet, came a coupleof years later.  He did not burn like the others, but was ODD's last partner, and did do some nice damage on the As and Es), and Malt Duck a/k/a ADD.  His real name was Leo.  James TOP said he sees him a lot now as well as KGee.  Malt Duck was the FIRST

person I ever saw with a GALLON can of Flomaster Ink!  That night we were in his  room, and he juiced up EVERBODY'S markers...about 10 of us!  Then we packed up our paint, went across the street, and CRUSHED the yard!  These guys all lived in the Pink Houses Projects in Brooklyn.  All they had to do was walk across the street! In Linden Plaza was ODD, Bon 134 (short for Bonanza), and his brother Blue 134.  Skate told me that they were originally from Queens, and that they all lived around the same way and went to school together before they started writing.  That's where they got the 134 from.  They originally lived on 134th Avenue in Laurelton.  There was another guy who lived in Linden Plaza who wrote Mousey.  He didn't get up much, but was a really cool guy.  All they had

 to do was take the elevator downstairs because their high-rise building was built on top of Pitkin Yard.  James TOP told me that at some point, ODD had gotten hold of a key.  In the sub-basement of the building by the janitor's locker and boiler room, there was I guess an emergency door from the yard that led into the building.  That was sweet!  They didn't even have to climb over the wall from the street to get in and out of the yard! Cadd told me that he never met Mousey, and Bon and Blue were originally from Queens, so he met them later, but Cadd said that he and the rest of the guys from Linden Plaza and The Pink Houses ALL went to school together as young boys way before there was any such thing as graffiti...AWESOME!  Cadd also went to school with and knew Tee  and Nail 170  as young boys.  Cadd was almost 2 years older than me (19 months), and Stim was at least a year younger than Tee and I (we were both born in 1959).  Cadd said that he really didn't remember Stim when he was young because Stim would have been very a little boy, but he DEFINITELY knew him once we all started writing.



- Check out the nasty ODD tag!  His first name was Wise 1, then he changed it to Dac 1, then he wrote ODD and Whin 161 at the same time.  Even though he only hit As and Es, he got up with ALL 4 names...WOW!  Imagine if he stuck with 1 name!  Nobody

will dispute that he was also King of the insides on the As.  On a personal note, after I quit writitng I didn't see him for a couple of years.  On my very first day of College in September 1977, guess who ends up being in not only my Accounting class, but my Math class too? You guessed it; ODD!   (which I even knew when we wrote).  Also, in BOTH of those classes was a young lady named Cathy who in September of this year, will be my WIFE of 18 years




Early single hits from MR.PEANUT, KILLER 1 ( Who was an All City subway killer ) MR.ED 131, BOMB 1, SUPER STUFF 1, TUROK 161 (  an early Manhattan writer .),  ACE 137 ( an All City writer ) TAN 144 and CO CO 144. Are some of the more notable writers in these photographs.

Photo credits go to LIL SOUL 159, JUICE NSA, FE ONE and the team @ Any questions, contact us at MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COM