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Rubble Kings tells the story of New York city on the brinks of destruction. Through out the film it covers the despair of young  people growing up in a dangerous city and looking towards the gang life style to survive. The film will has its NYC premiere on August 18th as an invited feature in the HBO NY International Latino Film Festival. Please get your tickets NOW as they will sell out, and we do want to celebrate with you all. Sneak peak at the  Trailer to Rubble kings, The birth of Hip Hop and gang culture in NewYorkCity





You will see never before footage as well as for the New York Graffiti fan never before trains of the some of the legendry writers in the culture. The film features interview with Mayor Koch, TOPAZ 1, (  The Ebony Dukes ), Karate Charlie ( Ghetto Brothers ), DSR ( Savage Nomads ), plus old members of the Savage Skulls, Black Spades and many others.  Tickets on sale now ...  /​edia/161407 /​s/rubblekings_aff2010;jsession​id=68A6D1BF48C631C7D8AF7CE68B5


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