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The history of the "throw-up" started with writers in the 70's doing quick "bubble-letter" pieces to "get-up" fast.  The first writer and crew to take this form of "bombing" to a new level was, IN-1 & THE TOP CREW.  Their goal was to take over the whole subway system.   They accomplished this  by inventing the two-letter throw-up which helped them become "All-city" kings in the mid 1970's.  Many writers used this concept and took it to a new level.  Originality is also very important and writers could be criticized for having a "whack" "throwie"


" PART. 32 "


....WRITERS SPOT LIGHT - THE RTW CREW - ( Rolling Thunder Writers / Rock the World. ) ~ © , 2010


The RTW crew one of the greatest writing groups in history. Many  wanted to fight with them or write with them neither the less they were respected by their peers and competition. Through out the years they remained a sample on every Subway line in New York city  from the late 70's till the 1980's, specializing in quality and quantity. The group were also know for having some nice throw up styles, so enjoy the tour and should anyone have any questions feel free to contact us at . Check out our interview with the original prez of RTW , BILROCK 161  a/k/a SAGE by clicking on this link  .... BILROCK 161 Interview conducted by Doctor REVOLT - 8 / 23 / 07




DIVE 2 and LIN a/k/a QUIK RTW. Every member of RTW held their weight on every Subway line through out the city and QUIK was of the premier bombers of the group taking over so many Subway lines through out the years. QUIK , IZ and MIN are considered three of the all time kings of Graff.

SE 3 a/k/a HAZE  and JO a/k/a ZEPHYR early 80's. HAZE is agreed by many on having the best looking throwies on the subways. HAZE started writing on the upper west under the name SE 3.  ZEPHYR at times took on a the three letter name JOI which is the French spelling for JOY.  ZEPHYR's JOI throw style seemed to be inspired by OI also known as HURST from the TOP crew.



BILROCK :I started The Rolling Thunder Writers (RTW.) in 1976. The name was inspired by the Native American Healer: Rolling Thunder. My older sister Andrea used to work for the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.), and she had a book about him. I was also one of the founding members of The Vamp Squad (TVS.) along with T.KID-170, RIN-1, SHOCK-123, MIN-ONE,  and WAR-1. In 1981 or 1982 I stopped writing and handed the group to Min a/k/a Ne and he along with Quik helped to made RTW a house hold name for years. FUZZONE : Bilrock was my dog from back in the day, and was dude that had heart and  always down to bomb!




QK a/k/a Quik, MIN, SH a/k/a SACH and  PD a/k/a PADE taking over the A line in 1983. RTW in the 1980's had a tight hold on the A'a and CC lines during the early 1980's.

PD aka PADE taking a hold on the Brooklyn J-line 1983. BILROCK : PADE was a loyal member to the RTW course.


BILROCK : Writers have always done throw up's, but back in the 1970's they didn't call them throw ups they were basically doing a quick piecing style they used to get up a large amount number of pieces on the trains. In the early days you could not rely on two or three pieces being seen on the trains to get noticed. That didn't cut it! There was so much competition on the Subways in the 70's that one had to rely on the throw up. Once IN came up with the two letter throw up the game was change forever . The RTW crew kept the throw up as a essential force to owr arsenal. The throw up is here to stay!





BILROCK : Tee to Bee done at City Hall lay-up ( RR / N ) in 1979. This had a dedication down to the bottom left (can't see) which was for Detective Rodan, and Detective Wasserman of the N.Y.C.T.P.D Queens /Anti-Graf squad. They were hot after RTW at the time for all the bombing we were doing on various Queens lines. It also said; "I was here...where were you?"


SAR : I got my style of throw up's from my good friend and mentor SIKE who happen to be the king of the J's in 1977.  I'm down with so many groups such as M.O.D ( Which I made up ), TMB, SSB, TOP, RIS, and RTW, as well as being given vice prez of The T.M.B Crew thanks to my good friend the Master Blaster himself IZ THE WIZ. When I put up RTW I put it up with pride.





SPAR / LED : I feel looking at MIN style of throwies he took his ideas from old school writers TEE ( for the use Similar of his E's ) and TI 149 for the use of the I's he rocked on the Subways. TEE & TI 149 were former All City kings who mastered the use of the throw up. MIN and many others like him fallowed their path for fame and modeled themselves after two letters kings like IN, DY 167, IO and TI 149. MIN was one of the last true city wide kings who peaked as a writer in the 1980's coving the Subways during the time of M.T.A's the heavy buff but he seemed to be a step ahead of them. Like many of the early kings before him MIN's throw up's insides and were seen on every Subway line and did his share of colorful Burners, and  top bottoms whole with some of the best writers of his time like T-KID 170, KEL 1st and SHY 147. MIN paid his dues and then some





JL a/k/a BOE killed the B.M.T's and I.N.D's in Brooklyn was part of the wow crew. RTW and The WOW crew partnered up in the early 80's which made the RTW crew unstoppable on all the Brooklyn lines. In this photo BOE does a miniature JL throwie over his rival OT a consistent bomber on the B's, D's and RR's. Photo taken in 1986.

BOE's  two throw up name "JL", stood for JULY 4th perhaps a name he choose which could have been  his favorite time of the year. BOE stayed dedicated to bombing the B.M.T's through out the 1980's keeping RTW on top for many years. Other writers in this photo are OD 1 -bts from Brooklyn and Queens writer DASH -BFB ( Rest In Peace ).






SN a/k/a SICK NICK of the writing group the Super Squad. BILROCK : SN ( SICK NICK ) was one the first writers I met when I and my boys started our All City rampage. I met him while I was with my boy HUGHIE who happen to be originally from Brooklyn. SN and I hit it off and through him I met his boys THE SUPER SQUAD.


OE 3' ( OLD ENGLISH ) classic throw up style, one of the very best in the biz. BILROCK : OE was another member of RTW once we moved on to the B.M.T's. OE was a cool dude and was always down to bomb.  DELK : OE is one of the most over looked writer in history. This guy bombed every line during his peak years of activity .  I met OE once with SES on a double R train. SES pointed him out to me who happen to be on the front car looking out the front window of the subway car perhaps looking out for lay up's.  Once we got to speak to him he came off kind of shy, where me and SES  did more of the talking. RCA : OE 3 and P 13 (R.I.P ) are the first writers to go on an All City bombing spree.



WHISPER and KR.ONE kick things off right at 5 points in Queens New York for 2010.  ©






For More on BILROCK and the Rolling thunder writers check out our interview with with BILROCK 161 by clicking on this link ... BILROCK -RTW PREZ.  . We would like to thank BILROCK 161 / SAGE and KR for making this page possible, Photo credits go to SAR 1, BILROCK 161, REVOLT, ZEPHYR, STAR-FTW, WHISPER, CAV, BOE /JULY4th, PADE,  BLADE, ROGER, KR 1, RCA, KRAZY NIK, QUIK,  ,  TRIKE1, LAVA  ERIC & SPAR , and the team at  Looks for Bio's of other RTW  members, in the near future.

Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Copyright © Subway 2010. Should any one have photos of BILROCK's work or any of the other RTW members, or should have any Questions Please contact us at MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COM

Check out our updates in the Interview section  as well as the HOT 110 section and Tag section. We would like to give a special thanks to the TSS crew ( THE SUPER SQUAD ) as well as D.R REVOLT. Please Check out the New book every one is talking about, click on this link  .. " THE ALL TIME OLD SCHOOL KING OF GRAFF ".. and find out all about it