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The history of the "throw-up" started with writers in the 70's doing quick "bubble-letter" pieces to "get-up" fast.  The first writer and crew to take this form of "bombing" to a new level was, IN-1 & THE TOP CREW.  Their goal was to take over the whole subway system.   They accomplished this  by inventing the two-letter throw-up which helped them become "All-city" kings in the mid 1970's.  Many writers used this concept and took it to a new level.  Originality is also very important and writers could be criticized for having a "whack" "throwie"


~ Action Shots ~



      Writers in action. Almost every writer had a unique flair while hitting being  it on how they looked or how they executed there task. The TOP crew one of the greatest writing groups in history was a group whose throw ups could be seen on almost every subway train in the city in the early mid 70's, Rumor had it  that a few of the members use to paint with two hands.  MR.ICE presentdent of Brooklyn outlaw writing group G.N.D ( Graffiti never dies) recall's a meeting with MINGO1 mog at the Cherry hill lay up in Brooklyn. MR.ICE:  I was bombing the Cherry hill lay up with the rest of my GND boys. We went into the insides of the train cars and started tagging them up  when two black dudes walked into our car and introduced himself as MINGO1. He asked me what I wrote so I caught a tag right in front of him and he was like ... Oh shit! " I never seen any one write like that". You see I'm left handed and wrote my name back wards starting with the E  and ending with the M. GHOST was famous for having a can of paint in one hand and a can of beer in the other, G-man a Bronx writer whose name was seen All City in the early mid 1980's was a writer dependent on crutches and was seen many times entering the yards or lay ups with them. Here are a few images of some writers doing there thing and Subwayoutlaws would like to thank all those who have sent in photographs. 




CLIFF.159 finishing his top to bottom as Blade of the TC-5 crew looks out.





Adding a quick out line.


















  SCAM1 TDS and NEO1 strike a pose at the J lay up, 1986.



DIME.139 in action. Here DIME finishes a throw up at the In and out lay up, this lay up was a station stop where on the other side was a hill that writers would run up and hit the whole train... run back down and wait for the next train to pull in.




The final touch the 139. application time taking only 2 min.






" BAN.2 " ... Doing a quick throwie in the boogie down Bronx.




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 -" The King Of Graff Is Gone."




Wednesday June 17th Michael Martin better known as IZ THE WIZ - The Master Blaster passed away at his home in Florida at the age of 51 years old. IZ had been struggling with bad health for a number of years and died at his brothers home. Subway Outlaws would like  give our condolences to IZ's family and closest friends. We are collecting donations towards IZ's funeral. Please show your support and contact Metal man ed for feather information- .  Look for our tribute to IZ coming in the near future.  Read more about the passing of a Subway Legend @ ....All  Time Subway  IZ THE WIZ, Michael Martin, Dies at 50 - Obituary - NY