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Throw Ups

The history of the "throw-up" started with writers in the 70's doing quick "bubble-letter" pieces to "get-up" fast.  The first writer and crew to take this form of "bombing" to a new level was, IN-1 & THE TOP CREW.  Their goal was to take over the whole subway system.   They accomplished this  by inventing the two-letter throw-up which helped them become "All-city" kings in the mid 1970's.  Many writers used this concept and took it to a new level.  Originality is also very important and writers could be criticized for having a "whack" "throwie"



PART. 26




.....LORD FUZZOLA ....

FUZZONE :: I Bombed the subway lines under so many deferent  names. RIFF 170 was the writer who inspired me to do so. It was all a matter on how I felt one day to anther, I'd walk into the 7- yard and kill the whole spot with FUZZ throw up's, then with what ever scraps of paint I had left... jump into the inside of the trains and wall paper them with FUZZONE tags. The next day I go back and kill the yard with CK 7's throwie's which was short for CHEEBA KING or take it over with DJ 2's, LM's, DA 2's, LORD's, SLURP's, ROMEO's, SOR's, SEVENTY's , IVORY 2's,  PRINCE's, 2-WILD's, 2-HORNY's, or even SOLID's ... Who was one of my old partners that passed away. I was such a king of that line, that It got to a point that I was competing against my self. No writer has gotten up with so many names then me.



...." LUCKY LORD 138 "


Fuzzone also hit the trains under the name " LM " which was short for LOVE MACHINE.

CI ( aka IZ THE WIZ ) and LM ( aka FUZZONE )


It's coming.. the long awaited book " THE DARK SIDE OF NEW YORK. " FUZZONE will now set the record straight.


On sale soon at Subway

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