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Area : Bronx N.Y.

Main lines : 2's, 5's, 6's.

Writing Groups : TCM, MW






I started looking at graffiti in '78. In my building lived a guy who used to write "Jug II". He used to kill our building. In my area I used to see a lot of "Brooks 119", "Smily 149", and "Daze". In '79 I was in school with "Rush M.P.C." and we used to hang out sometimes. I was into drawing and we would get together to sketch and he would always say "you gotta get a name

I started out with "kanaction" then I shortened to "Kan". One day I was sitting in English class and I looked out the window. I was pissed 'cause I saw a "Kan 2" on the mail box across the street. "Kan 2 " used to bomb with "Presweet T.R." and I knew that was an established name and I didn't want no beef so I dropped it.

 I was in a crew with my cousin "willow" and my best friend " double d" we used to do parties and "double d" and me used to M.C. My M.C. name was "Shade Ski".  In '80 I went to high school in brooklyn. I was still a wanna be running around hitting streets. I was writing "Shade". I used to ride the train every morning to school with "Geeski T.R.". He was the one who first suggested to drop the "h" from "shade". So that's how I came up with "Sade".

 In school I met "Chief T.M.5", "Dips" and "RE" from the letter lines. My first bombs on the train were all motion tags so I still wasn't official. At the end of '80 going to '81 I met "Tro" who would become my first partner. He was really good friends with "Cose T.D.S." and "Beo". The first time I went bombing was in the brook ave. and cypress layups in the tunnels. I didn't have no marker so I just followed them and looked out. That night when we were done "Cose" was writing on the station wall and wrote "Sadeizm" with a "Z". I said I was going to write this from now on and that's how I got "Sadeizm". "Tro", "Cose" and "Beo" taught me how to make markers and ink they also taught me how to rack. "Beo" introduced me to "Bear 167" who was my youth counselor at the group home by coincidence. I used to talk to "Bear" about the history of this graffiti thing

 You gotta understand that I was the ultimate groupie and wanted to meet all my heroes. In '81 I met "G-Man T.R." the fastest motion bomber I ever met. I became really good friends with gordon(G-Man). He really taught me how to rack. He was a shoplifter extraordinary. My first piece was in the esplanade lay-ups. I was with "Tro", "Cose" and "Beo". I did a panel and a half "SADEIZM".

 In my mind I was finally official. The next day I was at the bench and it pulled in. "Agent T.N.T." who I knew from my projects was out there he was somebody who I looked up to in the game. When my car rolled in he came over and said "that shit is correct" and he jumped me roughing me up in a brotherly kind of way. That was "81 and I was official! Even though I was part of the game finally I still was a groupie .

 I wanted to meet all the top dogs in the game like "Dondi", "Zephyr", "Duro", "Seen", "Dust", "Bom005", "Min", "T-Kid", "Ban 2", "Mitch 77" etc…Don't get me wrong for not mentioning the older school but I really didn't know them. I give anyone who was "really" in the game much props before me and after. From '82 to '85 was my best years pulling out cars and being a "player" in the graffiti game. Me and my partner, who was my first cousin "willow" who first wrote "crypton" and then became known as "Dune" went through the fights, drama and friendships that is graffiti.


 In '85 I quit because of all the bullshit involved in the game. I was a stickup kid who already had enough problems in the streets and now I had beef with other writers.

 First it was with M.P.C. for sticking up a couple of their toys. Then it was with "Dez" one of my heros, because he claimed that I wasn't the real "Sade" like many other writers did. Regrettably he caught a "bad one" and then crossed out the best burner I ever did.  Then "T-kid" was pissed 'cause I didn't ask permission to go in the ghost yard. Picture that when the M.T.A. owns that yard! What hurt more was that "Cem" was cool with me from back in the 6 tunnels when he wrote "Duce" with "Back" and now he wanted to beef with me. 'Brim" who also was my boy that I kept "Sid 5" from fucking up tried to set me up. Enough was enough so I quit! All I ever wanted to do was burn.

 Thanks to "Bom005" I got the love back. Even though he was one of the cats I looked up to he never treated me like a toy. He gave me the love I got for the game. Big ups to all the true writers!



Should any one have photos of SADE's work. Please contact us MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COM