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History of writers.


Started : 1974

Area: South Jamaica

Alias : NASTY EASY ( NE 163 )

Main lines : E's, F's, GG's, N's

Writing Group's : TC, BYB, TOP, NCB.


I started tagging the buses and motion tagging the Js and M trains, But my first look at writing was when I use to visit Manhattan  and see tags by SUPER KOOL223, LUIS161, STAY HIGH 149, TABU1, EL MARKO 174, PHASE2, . all over the streets and trains as well. I use to take the IRT's  because I went to school in Manhattan , DIZZY and COOL COKE were the first writers I remember meeting in those days , I look up to the two of them and they would tell me on how it was hitting trains in the old days.


I would come up with the name EASY and start getting that around the streets and buses where I lived. I would introduce my brother UN2 to writing and he would be my first partner, soon after I would meet DUKE 9 thru a friend and at that time he was the king of the Es and Fs and that had to be the summer of 1974. We were just hanging out or tagging up now and then back then. We would hang out at the writers bench on Continental avenue, at the time cops would raid that that place on a constence bases. I could remember a time officer Wessermen and Roden (Two very big graffiti cops on the Es and Fs in the 70s) grabbed all of us and sat us down.  Then I heard Slap the cuffs on them. In the blink of an eye I ran pass them and got away. The next day DACE 2 told me that  the cops said get him and Roden... hes too fast. I could remember a big fight at the bench on continental avenue between UNCLE JOHN and DUKE9, I was hanging out with TEAR2 when we seen UNCLE JOHN and DUKE9 auguring over some some bullshit. So I said lets take the train over to Van Wyke, for no cops would come. So we all got off the train and DUKE started to take off his coat UNCLE JOHN snuck a shot in .. and all you heard was UNCLE JOHN youre a big sneak! The two fought for a short time and then became friends again. The fight turned out to be a draw.


My self and DACE 2 would go to 179 street and do our rounds( motion tagging) witch we called it, you can get up on the insides by doing this. DACE and I would see UNCLE JOHN getting off a train with this tall guy who turned out to be JESTER. UNCLE JOHN introduced JESTER to me and says this is EASY and JESTER says Yea. ( meaning he has seen me up.) In 1975 the two letter throw ups became very popular, so TRUE 2 would mention to me that he was planning on doing NT ( NASTY TRUE ) throw ups. From that I would come up with NE ( NASTY EASY) throw ups and then added the 163 because it just sounded cool.  

I mainly pushed TC ( JESTERs Crew) that stood for The Crew and  had mostly all the guys I was hitting with: JESTER aka DY167, EX~1, UJ178 aka UNCLE JOHN 178, TEAR 2,  DACE 2, ROTO, PI 2, IZ,  SNAK, BC 2, DOS, RED 2 and DEN POG who was TURF222s brother and PANCHO's writing partner. I would go to all the racks with some of these guys  and some time we would all go bombing together. Me and PI 2 would ride between cars and smell the paint , then we would get off at the next stop then go into the lay up. It was always fun bombing with PI 2, one day we went to hit the Grant avenue lay up and there happen to be people on the station and I was trying to enter the lay up at the end of the station just waiting for the people to leave. PI (this white guy with long hair and glasses) and looked at me and said What are you doing? So he jumps right into the tracks  and what was always his catch phrase says: The niggas wild. We would walk into the lay up and kill it with throw ups.   


EX-1 was my main partner and we would do most of our hitting at five O clock in the after noon, we would leave our paint at FLASHs house, he had stoped writing at the time so me and EX would try to take him out of retirement. FLASH was originally DUKE 9s partner in 1974 1975. EX and I would always enter thru 36th street lay up and exit thru the emergency hatch and some times enter that same way. There was one time Me, EX~1, DOS, DACE 2, bombed this train at the  van wyke lay up. We totally trashed this train, we did throw ups on both sides then open the doors and did throw ups insides on the doors floors all over. I would see JESTER the next day and he told me he seen that train and said you fucked that train up.



I never truly got raided but can remember a few chases. I was bombing the J lay up on 111th street , me and DUO, my brother UN2 were bombing the lay up with throw ups at the point where the train stuck out from the station, when the cops spotted us and chased us right into the street. They would grab DUO and me and my brother would ran in back of peoples houses jumping over fences. We would get away on to the open street thinking ever things cool, my brother and I heard noises and looked behind us and  the whole neighbor hood started chasing us, I would never hit that lay up again.



I was only busted once and sent to do clean up duty on the station, there I would met some pretty big names like: CHINO 13, DOC.T,  JOINT 170, MINT 2, DASH TK, IC 2, TO 729 aka MICKEY  TOP. DOC.T was the only one I did not get along with, he had a little bit of  big head and a big mouth from what I remember.



In 1977 I would stop writing , but by the time I quit I had kinged the Es and Fs. I would go into the arm forces then start a regular life but will never forget the good times I had bombing.





~~~~~~~ Should any one have any photos of  EASY.1's work, please contact MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COM