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STARTED : Early 70's

AREA : Brooklyn, N.Y.

ALIAS : LP 136, TURK 1, TO .


LINES HIT : EE's, F's, GG's, N's,  RR, M's, B's, D's, 6's.



TRIKE would begin his career in Manhattan writing in the early 1970's until locating to Brooklyn and taking up the name LP 136. Not only was LP well known on the trains but the 6'5 ex basket ball player was more well known for the punishment he would give to writers that crossed his path or entered his layup's. LP along with the GND group controlled Sheep head bay and  the cherry hill lay up, no out side Graffiti writer could not enter with out the permission of him and the group. MR ICE : I started GND in 1973 which was originally a chapter of the street gang THE SATAN'S REAPERS that I belong to at the time. I was heavy in to writing and argued the rest of the members to do the same. I met LP 136 in high school in the mid 70's and the guy was huge, He would become part of the crew and the rest is history. It was not until years later that I would find out that TRIKE was LP,  I'm grateful to him for keeping the crew alive. Just as CAP was feared on the numbers in the Bronx in the early 80's, TRIKE served up the same reputation on IND's in Brooklyn. He would join the Group RTW in the later years of his career, with his membership would make the group unstoppable.


I started writing around 1972/ 1973 actually witnessing JOE 182 and TOP CAT 126 doing motion tags on a Broadway number one train directly in front of my mom and me on our way home. She seen it on my face that I was mesmerized by what they were doing and looked me in the eye and whispered to me “ DON’T YOU DARE”. But it was to late I was hooked. I wanted to be a writer and few days later and many failed attempts to find paint, I would locate paint in the basement of my building at the time and would throw up by first tag TURK 1. I would start hitting it up around my neighborhood and later venturing off to the trains motion tagging the Broadway number 1 line. My first experience hitting the lay up’s was done on the solo tip at the 142 lay up on the number line, I brought only  3 cans of paint with me that day and did very little damage.


I mostly wrote a lone but would meet a lot of writer from the early era and would tag up with them now and then, Some of   the most memorable writers in history were FRANK 207, BUG 170, MR.KOOL, KOOL KEITH, HONDO, JOEY 139, SUPER BAD, ROACH - the original from Broadway) and his partner H-SIX, B-KID, KING KOOL 156, RICK 3, BAMBU 3. I was much younger then the rest of them which made it difficult for them to accept me in to there circle. In the early years many writers tried to test me to see if I was a punk. But I always pasted the test and when the word got around that I was no sucker the older dudes started giving me more respect, Trust me when you lived in a neighbor hood of predominantly all Hispanics and Blacks, wasn’t your writing skills that allowed you to hang it was your knuckle game. Because of my fighting ability and the ability to back up others that I was hanging with, Made it easer to met other writers and start hitting trains. Just when I was getting familiar with the number 1 line and the neighborhood as well




as the lay ups, My family would move us to Flatbush Brooklyn in 1974. It was like starting all over again in a strange neighbor hood, but I started adapting to shit easily. Just about a week in living in the 

neighbor hood we were threatened to be throw out of the neighbor hood, this was enough for me to quit writing, I stop writing TURK 1 and started writing LP 136. I lived right by the EE’s and F’s and started to check out the scene and would met up with many writers who were big on that line like

AFX 2 who was tiring shit up at the time as well as BOMB 1. Through them I would met and write with many writers through out the city such as LIL LUCK 204, HIPPY, DIZZY, STIM- 3YB and his Brother TEE- 3YB, SWISS, ALLI, The original DASH- TK, BIRD 59, SINBAD, SLIM 72, MINGO 1, STEVE 61, DEAN- BYB aka LE, ROLL, VENOM, TOUCH 4, JESTER- TC aka DY 167, UNCLE

  JOHN 178 aka UJ 178, SUPER STRUT, CASPER 1, PINTO aka DP 2, CADD aka OO ONE, LICE , DRAKE, TO 729 aka MICKEY- TOP, QUIK- 3YB aka QK, EX~1, and CA aka CAPTAIN AMERICA. I got along with VINNY, but his partner CA aka CAPTAIN AMERICA is the one that I did not like, I had  his jaw wired shut at the Grant lay up for talking so much shit.  That reminds me of SHORTY13, that lived down the street from me before he moved out to Rockaway, I let him hold one of my Uni-wide's and he "forgot" to return it to me for month's. That's was ok but when I ran into him and tore

his fucking head off at Cherry Hill lay up, that's when he realized that he should have given it back to me when I asked for it!  That's when they started a crew called H.E.L.P.  It stood for Help Eliminate LP, ha ha ha.

 But through out that miner bull shit I would BOMB the biggest train yard in the city that was in Brooklyn, THE CONEY ISLAND / DEWEY YARD.) I would met up with writers like LAMA 1 and

DIABLO 1 at the writers bench on Atlantic avenue and shortly after we were all off to the Coney Island yard. It was my first collaboration piece with DIABLO and LAMA in a wet hot pink fill in with baby blue fill fade and red out line block letter with stars and dots.  In those days the yard had no fence and we walk around the whole yard and Bombed. I would accidentally stumble upon the Church avenue

 lay up underneath the F line. It was a four track lay up underneath the train track which became my personal amusement park. I lived in there and ran that lay up and would take many writers to that lay up like DANGER 59 and TERO-3yb, I aways like TERO’s style … he rocked shit back in the day but his assault on the BMT’s was very short lived. I never knew that that the crew SSB belong to DANGER, AFX 2 through me down with the group and thought that it was AFX's crew, Its funny

what you learn 30 years later.  I Remember........racking paint at Martins Hardware on 86th street????Bombing above the Oriental Theatre on 86th st. on the B line (where it curves behind the big sign)??? Going to Gates Ave. for the pints of Flo Master inks??? Hitting the RR's from 59th street to Union??? Bombing Dewey's small yard in broad daylight as school was going on???? or better yet, burning the insides of the elevated M's and D's all the way from Newkirk Plaza to Ocean Ave during the day after the rush hour?????? Those were the days.

I was bombing church avenue so much that it started getting hot, so I had to ease up out of that place and started hitting Cherry hill, Reynolds and Sheeps head bay lay ups. While in my first year of high school I would hear crazy stories about these crazy white boys from Kelly park in Brooklyn called the

GND crew. I would met MR ICE who was the prez of GND with his partner  SGT BONES in high school and adjacent to Cunningham JHS right above Kelly park  was there personal lay up of the GND crew on the M line. Nobody .. but nobody could enter the yard with out there permission. The Group had writers like MR ICE (president of GND), LIL BOMB, SGT BONES, CONDOR, SPUNK, AXE, DUSTY, COPE 7, CODE 2, RADAR, DUCE, CALL, CUDA, CLASH, WHIZ 1 -who had great hand style) , CLINT, NO, BIRD 59, HASH – the only black

 writer in the group.) ,   BLAZE, JF, RAM 707. This was not only a writing group, but a crazy bunch of white boys that could put you in a fucken coffin. On a Friday or Saturday night, the park would be filled with 50 people hanging out drinking smoking and playing music while above the park the writers would be bombing the lay up. We used to go every saturday morning to the Brooklyn Museum station on the 2 's and 5's to check out all the dudes buffing....I ran into many heads that were caught. Many of the so called kings of Graff who claim that they were never caught were there buffing. Including IN TOP..  They would buff and we would bomb right behind them. 


During those years I was writing TRIKE  then later on TO which was short for TRIKE ONE. This was not in no way intended to disrespect TO 729 aka MICKEY TOP, It was simply faster to bomb with. I would drop LP and get up with TRIKE more but due my pursuit for a good education I would quit

writing in 1978 and go away to college at Kansas State University on a basket ball scholarship. I would return to New York in 1983 and would meet two up and coming writers… SET 3 and SAKE 1. It didn’t take long for these two guys to convince me to start writing again. I would start bombing the IND’s and BMT’s with these guys. Unlike many of the dudes from the early 70's…I continued to bomb until the late 80's, therefore adapting and staying current with the changing of styles and taking over INDS & BMT’s and  the streets with all kinds of styles. During those years the RTW crew had all the trains on lock down. QUIK , REVOLT, BIL ROCK, MIN ONE, RICH 2,

  HAZE,  BOE, SACH, BOOZER, SAGO and PADE could be seen on every train in the city. In order to be on par with these guys, we planned an all out assault on the E and F’s. First at Sheepshead bay as well as at the Coney Island yard and Fort Hamilton. I met up with a lot committed writers and

would take them along for the ride on my take over of the E ‘s and F’, such as TRACK 2 aka TEKAY, CHARM, CHRIS 217, JOUST aka JD, KEO 7DS, JUICE NSA, NET , ANT and DJ BONES to name a few.      

I would meet up with MIN and RICH around 1984 and we would cause havoc on other writers. When I joined the  RTW crew, there wasn’t any crew in the city that could fuck with us. Not only would they get the beating of there lives, but it was guaranteed free paint for all of us. I dont know if any one remembers but around the summer of 84, me ,Sago, Min, Rich and Boe seriously fucked up about 20

writers who were trying to bomb Church Ave layup.  The shit spilled outside onto the neighborhood and these toys ratted us out to the police and  we were chased by the whole preceint. Me and Min run inside Ft. Hamilton layup (which is connected by the Church Ave station) and went to my house to chill. Boe tries to hide inside this jewish store up in the streets and end up putting all the people in the store to the back room to wait it out.  Rich & SAGO calmly hangs in the station and gots on a F train and goes to LES.. Someone spots Boe in the store and tells the cops and he was arrested for robbery and kidnapping. He did a bid for that and did not come

  home until this new bid.  That shit was in the papers, with a reward for our capture. hahah Fucking toys! They like to bomb but cant take getting fucked up or being robbed of their paint.  RTW in the early 80's didn't play. This toy Foe would end up in a coma and pulls through.  Later that day me and

Min meet up with Kel1st and Cos207 in Coney Island and do a whole car at New Lots, which never ends up running and stays in the lay-up. We went there everyday for a week to catch pictures but we got chased every time. Kel gets bagged the last day we were there but they let him go....The end was near for us to quit bombing...and soon thereafter we did.  Min told me that he saw the car running months later but it was dogged with toy throw ups. Ive done my share of top to b's, floaters, throw ups, panels, insides outsides, streets, buses, tags and pieces in many different states and countries etc etc etc..the last ones

  done were at City Hall layup in 86 with Min1, Boe, and the entire RTW Klan.....It was for our annual July 4th Bomb....10 cars both sides. Those were the days. I would like to give a shout out to all my GND brothers… MR ICE, LIL BOMB, DUSTY and AXE as well as all the GND past and present, if I didn’t mention you, no disrespect intended. My main man DANGER 59 , IZ THE WIZ - all time bombing king!), SET 3, SAKE, GIL, JUICE NSA, JOUST, and to all the entire ROLLING THUDER WRITERS crew. Peace Allah.




~ Photo credits go to ... JOUST, TRIKE , JUICE-NSA plus the team at Subway outlaws. ~


Should any one have photos of TRIKE's work. Please contact us MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COM