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( Early King of the E & F lines )

Area : Jamaica Queens, New York

Main lines : E's, F's, GG's, N's

Writing Groups : MOG ( Masters of Graffitti )




1 ) What borough are you originally from?

Manhattan, then later moved to Queens.




2 ) Where did you hit your first train, what line was it on, and who were you with?


The first trains I recall hitting was an train from the E line at the 169th street subway station on the Queens IND lines, I was escorted by my friend TOKE1 also wrote GUMBE and STUN 1,who was the brother of Mingo



3 ) Who were some of the other writers who were blasting that line before and during the time you wrote?

The top writers at the time oh the E's, F's, EE's, GG's and N's  were DIZZY, STEVE61, MINGO 1, EARL, UNCLE JOHN 178, LITTLE SOUL 159, TEAR2, SO-FIVE, SIN158, TRUE2, DUKE9


4 )  Did you concentrate on any particular line and style of train, and if so, why?

I concentrated on the E and F LINES, because these were the first lines close to my house. I was happy I lived on the E and F lines because we had the newest subway cars on the systems the model R#44 cars ,we named these cars ding dongs, because of the door chims, and besides the looked cool! I was awed by this equipment


5 ) Where was your favorite spot to hit trains, and why?

My favorite spot was the tunnel between 179th street, and union turnpike. I knew the area very well, and knew the times of train lay-up movement

6 ) Who were your main writing partners?

I did not feel to comfortable writing with to many people because I was extremely careful and did not want someone to make a mistake and be seen, also the less writer the less smell of spray paint, witch was a dead giveaway ,to the cops that their were people spraying up trains in the tunnels

7 ) Who were some of the other writers you wrote with throughout the city, and what yards and lay ups did you paint with them at?

Once in a blue moon I would meet someone already in the lay up. you could tell by the smell of paint if someone was in the tunnel writing on the trains

8 ) Do you know who was responsible for starting the two writers benches at Parsons Boulevard and Continental Avenue in Queens, and which one did you hang out at?

Do not know were the the first writers at parsons, but most likely it was Toke1

9 ) Queens writers are often overlooked in the history of graf.  Do you have any thoughts on why this is the case?

I think the people in queens were always the last in the city to be hip, the Graffiti movement on the I.R.T Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn lines were already in full swing. and most of the more popular writers lived in the Bronx. some of the top writers of the  IRT lines to me were LSD3cs,comet, blade, Mico, stay high149, pistol, killer1, chi chi 133, super strut. flint707

10 ) What writers do you feel deserve more credit in history, generally speaking, and from Queens in particular?

DIZZY, LIL SOUL159, uncle John 178, steve61, Mingo, EARL, these guys killed the QUEENS IND LINES!!

11 ) Do you have any good racking and raid stories to share with us?


Their was a Martain paint store buy my house, the would leave the spray paint cans out in the open, I would go in the store with a rain coat with the pockets cut out a get like 15 cans at a time. paint was not a problem!!!

12 ) What year did you quit writing, and why?


I think the main reason I stop writing because I hated the direction Graffiti was going with the creation of  the two letter throw up, to me it was starting to get ugly. Those two letter throw ups sucked. also I was now 17 years old, old enough to go to the can if I every got busted. Graffiti was cool though, you meet a lot of cool people, if you got up peopled admired you