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Started : Early 1970's

Area : The Bronx New York

Writing Groups : WANTED, IND'S, WILD STYLE

Lines hit : 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's, 7's, RR's,  EE's, D's, A's, E's, F's  




 New York, New York. Home of the Rockefeller Center, Chrysler building, RCA, Empire State Building, Time Square, Radio City Music Hall, Statue of Liberty and yes, one time home of the World Trade Center. This is the Hollywood version of extraordinary art.



 Unlike Graffiti, not all of New York’s art is displayed in museums. In the early seventies, I wrote KING TWO on walls and trains. back then, people didn’t understand what I as a graffiti writer was trying to develop as an artist. Art work comes in all different shapes and forms. Unfortunately, it takes a long period of time before the mind starts to develop and appreciate the art form of graffiti. Even the famous Picasso, Davinci and Van Gogh struggled with their art forms in the 1500s. Not that I consider myself as famous as a Picasso, but as a very respected artist in my field. I remember the first time I was introduced to a can of spray paint at 176 Walton avenue in the Bronx; it was at the school yard where I wrote my first nickname, KOOL HODGEE. I wrote that name everywhere until my friend CIT2 told me   I should change it because it was too long to write on

the trains and I wouldn’t be able to finish it on time. So I changed it to KING 2 shortly after. The name KING came from the man I admired the most, Martin Luther King Jr., The 2 came from my friend CIT 2. The first piece I did on the trains was in the early seventies and I was scared as hell.  I was hanging out with a couple of writers and we jumped on the tracks at Jerome Avenue Station in the Bronx. I did a K-2 with my name tagged inside of it. Usually you start off with your full name, but since it was my first time I wanted to get the hell off the tracks. I quickly over came my fear. At this point, I started getting my experience as a writer. I started to develop a style of my own and quickly began hitting the train daily. As I specialized my craft, I hung out more and more around the 4 yard, hitting the 4 & 5's, becoming the king of those lines at one point. You know at



 first I was trying to express myself by writing on the trains, but trying to stay away from the bad elements, like gangs and drugs. At that time it was the early 1970's when I started writing. I was a young kid getting involved in a whole new environment, this environment, which was, and still is illegal, had risks involved when there’s danger there’s also tragedy. My best piece that I liked to break out with was a stylish, devastating masterpiece " KING TWO ", with 3-D clouds and designs. When you did a masterpiece on a train, added 3-D and a cloud,





with designs here and there, and absolutely no drips you can’t imagine thefeeling! When  you saw the people on the station staring at your piece it made you feel that all the hard work was worth it. This was more or less the time when I met other writers like Tracy 168, P nut 2, and Chi-Chi- 133 these guys were very cool. Not only did we all write together but use to hang out and have fun. We would play basketball, go swimming and also had a clubhouse with a stove and refrigerator in which the guys used to rack up food from the supermarket, and CHI - CHI would to cook it. We all started hitting the 2's, 4's, 5's, 6's, double RR's, EE's, E's, F's, D's, CC's, K's and even the 7- lines. We were just bombing shit! Just for the record we were the first writers to do a top to bottom whole car on the 7 lines. CHI CHI 133,TRACY 168, KING2.

CAINE 1 was not the first like he wrote about in the past. LIL FLAME and I bombed the inside of the 4 line and we also did some master pieces which occasionally led us to get chased by the transit police. Those were the good old days.


The well known writers were always in Graffiti Crews like THE EBONY DUKES, I was in the group WANTED by TRACY 168 and WILD STYLE which belong to TRACY. I was a member of the IND’S led by PHASE 2. These crews had nothing but the best



writers, people you wanted to be associated with to have some credibility as an artist. My influences were CIT 2, LIL CROSS 1, THE KID, LOVE 1-173 and SLY 5 who later became PEL and DIME 2. These writers were also neighborhood friends from the Bronx. My bombing partners were the best writers back then TRACY 168, CHI – CHI 133, P-NUT 2, LIL FLAME / ROP 1, RIFF 170 / WORM 161, CLIFF 159, SOLID 1, BOT 707, FRED 165, FDT 56, CLYDE, TON 5, TURK 62, ZEST, PEL, CIT 2, ALL JIVE 161 / AJ 161, LAVA 1 & 2 / STRAIGHT MAN, COST 170, STAY HIGH 149, SONNY 107, OZ 109, PIKE 180, LSD 3, CHICO 180, APOLLO 5, KOOL BREEZE, STIM, TEE, JIVE 3,and MICO. These writers and I had a big impact in spreading the culture of Graffiti. In the seventies, the media and



 politicians tried to outcast us from society. We are beyond that now. We accomplished so much so much that everybody profits from it. You have acknowledge that Graffiti has had a big impact on the way companies advertise now, especially if they want to relate to young audiences. Even Hip Hop community has Graffiti on their albums covers, only it's called artwork. Writers who dedicated themselves to




  the Graffiti movement and passed on will be missed. These writers took their creativity to a higher level of consciousness, they were responsible for spreading the culture of Graffiti. Writers like EL MARKO 174, DICE 198, T-REX 131, RC 162, TOP CAT 126, STICK 1, CLIFF 159, CAINE 1, STIM, SOLID, DIABLO, BILLY 167, SMILY 149 and COST 170 will never be forgotten. Looking back today, I never understood the power of the movement I helped create. The art of graffiti writing started as a movement of expression and over the decades has become much more than that, a culture in its own right. I am happy to be apart of the beginning, to be recognized with some of the greatest as one of the pioneers of this culture.


" King two "


Photo credits go to .. KING 2, TRACY 168, BLADE 1 and the team at Subway Outlaws. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Copyright © Subway 2003. Should any one have any photos of KING TWO's earlier work, please contact us at