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Started : 1975.

Area : The Bronx New York

Main Lines : 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's

Writing Group's : TMT ( Status ; Leader of TMT ),  MTA, 3YB, CA, TFP






* Kade 198  is responsible for forming one of the greatest writing groups in history... " T.M.T "... ( THE MAGNIFICENT TEAM! ) The group started in 1977 in the Tremont section of  the Bronx and grow to became city wide with very predigest membership such as  FED 2, TEAN 5, ADROCK, REE 2 aka OPEL,  FUZZ ONE, RATE 125, VINE, BEST, CRANE, MAURICE 167,  TYBU 2, PE 5, PAVO,  TEEN aka KELSON 125 and style master of the late 70's CHAIN 3 It was his ambition to up hold and build upon standards set by writers like PHASE 2 and RIFF 170. The group  became known for doing colorful window-down whole cars and VAUGHN BODE characters, particularly on the 2 and 5 lines of the IRT division. up until 1979, which were peak years of activity. TMT also had a very feared repetition  maintaining a strong presence on the IRTs. TMT Along with TDS were the premiere groups of there era. KADE 198 the president of TMT, focused on wild style leters, top to bottoms and subway car interiors writing multiple names 2 MUCH, WOOD 2, COOL CADE and CIE 1.       * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



I started writing on the buses in 1975 . The earliest writers I remember getting up were RIFF 170, BIC 149, JR.BIC 149, BUTCH 2 & KASE 2, JESTER, BLADE, COMET, MOVIN 2, WASP 1, FDT 56,  VOE 56, SCHICK, HELL 3, CLIFF 159, REE 2, IN, TEE 3yb, STIM 3yb, SMILY 149, PUNCH 204, BOT 707, SOLID, FRED 165, BOOTS 119, TIO, KIT 17, BEAVER, OFF,  BEAR 167, BLUEBEARD 183, RAT 1, DEE 3 and so many others that I can not remember at this time. I came up with the name KADE because it was simple, good lettering for piecing. The 198 fit with the name perfectly. I also wrote 2-MUCH, WOOD 2, COOL CADE.

I bombed the insides with THE WORLD IS A GHETTO, I took over the the old spots were STAY HIGH 149 used to tag VOICE OF THE GHETTO. The first time I hit the trains was on the 4 line at Mt Eden lay up in 1976. It was me TEAN 5, TYBU 2, FLO 149 and TAG we did a whole car together, MAURICE 167 did a top to bottom. Me and my boys were into to doing whole cars, but to achieve this goal you had to be master Rackers. It would be   a crew of us who would cut school and spend the whole day racking


up paint. We use to  travel all over to get our paint ... The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Upstate New York, Yonkers, New jersey. We wouldn't only rack paint, but would rack art supplies, clothes, sneakers, camera's, anything that wasn't nailed down was going with us. Me TEAN 5 and FED 2 went to Mt.Vernon, to hit this store that use to stock federal safety colors, when we went in the owner was not at the front counter, so me FED and TEAN  took about 10 cans each, went out the store stashed the paint cans and returned again, When were in the store the owner must have new something was up. He yelled ...  " Hey come here!!!" We ran out the store he got in a truck and started chasing Fed2, me and Tean5 went the other way, Fed2 ran down the


  block and turn around, stop and then run again, the truck is skidding up and down the block, spray cans are falling everywhere But amazingly we all got away that time. Another wild time while racking was when went to pearl paints art supply store on canal street and broke into the storage room up stairs and throw bags of paint and ink out the back window to someone waiting downstairs. Kelson125 was the best rack artist I have ever racked with along with TABU 2, they could go into any store no matter how many people were following them so they didn't steal anything, and they would always come out with something. I feel my crew ( TMT ) had to be the best rack up team ever.

My earliest partner and true hard core writing partner was TEAN 5  ( who was my brother of course ) We started at the same time, but there were allot of others that I wrote with and became pretty tight with like KINDO, CHINO-MALO, RIB mta, RCA, PUNCH 204, 2-SWIFT, BEST 149, REE 2,  TAG, FLO 149, FUZZ ONE,  TYBU 2, VINE, TAKE, TAPE ( My cousin ) FED 2, KELSON 125 ( TEEN ) and CHAIN 3 ( My  brother artist ).




I started the TMT crew, at the time it was just me and TEAN 5 and originally called our group THE MAGNIFICENT TWO, but after a while we had more people in the crew and changed it to the THE MAGNIFICENT TEAM ( aka  THE MAJESTIC TEAM aka THE MONEY TEAM  ... etc.) the original members that I recall was yours truly " KADE 198 " , TEAN 5, VINE, TYBU 2 FLO 149, TAG, FED 2, MAURICE 167, TEEN aka KELSON 125, AD-ROCK, PAVO, 


 MOON aka PT 5 ( BEAR 167's brother )  RATE 125, EC 3, MOE, PE 5, GEN, GREG 167, KF 174, SEK 170, REE 2 aka OPEL,  FUZZ ONE aka LORD 138, NIKE, CHAIN 3 aka TEE BAG 170, TB 2, JY, SEAP 2, BET,  TADE and BOBIZM. Later membership included SKEME, DEZ and AGENT.  I did write with a few guys out side the group like REPEL, NOC 167 and PART  although I never did any pieces with them that I can recall. As a crew we wanted to king the trains insides and out.  But bombing the insides was allot of fun. If you hung out with TMT back then you know what a London fog is. We would squeeze into the conductors booth about 5 or 6 of us, light up a splif ( joint ) and pass it  around the


 booth would be so fogged up that your eyes and nose would be running. Everyone was coughing ... it was too funny now I look back on it. We took pizza pies or  hero's and beer to the yards and lay ups , it was so much fun! We would eat our pizza and hero's drink beer and just destroy the insides and see who has the drippiest flooded tags.


We  hit all the yards and lay-ups through out the city, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Manhattan. Our favorite was the 241st street yard for 2's and 5's, The Ghost yard at 207th street and Broadway for I.R.T's and B.M.T's, The one tunnel, Mt.Eden lay-up, The 4-yard, The 3 yard, Nevins lay-up in Brooklyn and the 7 yard out in Queens which was FUZZ ONE's home town. When bombing  yards or lay up's in different parts of the city, your bund to get chased out some of these spots. We got chased a lot, I remember we got chased at Mt Eden and can recall running on the tracks from one stop to another. We've been raided at Esplanade lay up, the one tunnel and the craziest was when FUZZ ONE and FED 2 burned down Gun hill train train station ... we were bombing that whole and the next thing I knew they set the station on fire. We had to climb down the pole to get out. Our crew put in a lot of work on the Subways back in the day but some of my favorite pieces or whole cars turned out by my crew were a ... KADE , TEAN and CHAIN.  2-MUCH, BOND, WORD whole car was the best car to run on the line at the time, there was also a PULL, RATE and KADE train that was real nice and THE MAGNIFICENT TEAM whole car. then again I had so many favorites.





We had our little battles on the Subway with other writers crossing out our work, But I wouldn't call them wars really... some people would eventually go over your tag or piece and them you would go over theirs, so I guess that's how it would basically start. and a few of  the members beat up a few people I will not mention.





Our most famous rivalry on the Subways was with DONDI's crew. CIA would bite ( copy ) TMT's style like crazy you can see it for yourself in some of there pieces, DONDI - ( Rest In Peace ) had came to the Bronx and hung out with us at us for a while. I think SEAP 2 TMT  who lived in Brooklyn also, brought him to Brooklyn to hang with us.  He




 seen my style and CHAIN's style, and later showed up in the pieces that CIA used to do. The TEAN and KEL fight, Which BAN 2 mentioned in his interview and I need to set the record straight. HE MUST BE ON CRACK!!! He probably thinks that TMT would never hear about this interview. First of all ... FUZZ ONE couldn't tell you to put up TMT, the only person that can put you in TMT were the original members, MYSELF - KADE 198, TEAN, VINE, TYBU 2, FLO 149, CHAIN 3, TEEN aka KELSON 125, FED 2 and TB 2. Any of the other members would have to ask permission from the the first members! a lot people wanted to be down with TMT and put the crew up, but were not official TMT members! "  TEAN kicking and screaming???"  be for real!!! He must be in fantasy land. BAN 2 may have bombed the insides but who from




 TMT didn't!!! He was no real talent as far as piecing goes, he could never get next to me and knows that anyone of my members will burn him to shreds. He was no gangsta!  TEAN and KEL fought, while they were fighting KEL had a ring on, and it cut TEAN over the eye, or eye lid and the fight was basically over after that. I don't know were BAN 2 got the kicking and screaming?




BAN 2 punched FED 2 in the mouth??? Never heard that one before? He also mentioned that our members couldn't fight / all bark no bite and that we jumped people... if that was the case, I'm sure my crew would not have been the most feared and the most talked out group in Graff! I'm not saying that we never jumped any one, or nobody never caught a beating, but everyone in my crew could hold their own!!! if he ( BAN 2 ) wants to test anyone of my members hand skills feel free!!






Most of the members were stick up kids back then, VINE & TYBU 2 ( Rest In Peace ) FLO 149, MOON, TB 2, GEN, KELSON 125, aka TEEN etc. So that's why we had beef with some writers. We all use to hang out at N.O.G.A ( NATION OF GRAFFITI ARTIST ) back then I was 14 or 15 years old. I went over one of SLAVE's pieces and he came to the Bronx to hang out at N.O.G.A with SEK 170 and GREG 167.

I was a little short kid then and he was about 6 feet, he would have probably killed  me but I didn't back down to him or anybody else. KASE 2 was kinda instigating the whole thing , he was with BUTCH 2, BEAR 167, DEE 3 and the rest of those TDS members. Someone told my homeboys VINE and TYBU 2 what had happened to to me and TYBU 2 caught up with BEAR 167 ( Rest In Peace ) and put a 357 magnum pistol to his head. But nothing  happen and we squashed the everything, and BEAR 167 became cool with us and together with his cousins NIKE and KF 174 as well as his brother MOON aka PT 5 became official members of the T.M.T crew. 149th street was the best





 spot in the Bronx. All the writers would hang out their, a lot of fights, and black book bogarding. I remeber BEAR 167 punched a certain writer in the jaw, Who I will not mention. I remember a lot of people getting robbed for black books, cameras etc. that place used to be paradise. We use to wait for our whole cars or top to bottoms that we did  roll by , and take pictures.  I stopped writing in the early 80's, SKEME and DEZ did a whole car during my last bomb, and me and TEAN did a whole car beside it, It was a TEAN and ARCADE.  Actually the last piece I did was in the Hall of Fame, I did a 2-much. But we plan to do something soon. I would like to thank BOM 5 and GIL for allowing me to tell my story, this website brings back a lot of memories!







We like to thank Kade for sharing his memories with us at Subway outlaws and should any one have any Questions please contact us at MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COM. Photo credits go to Kade 198, FUZZ ONE and SUR 167