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Started in : 1981

Area : Harlem N.Y.C

Main lines : A's, D's , B's , K's , CC'S, RR'S.

Writing Groups : CAC, TPA, BYI,



1) What year did you start?

I started writing graffiti in the Bronx ( Kingsbridge area ) in 1977. I started on trains in 1981 in Richmond Hill, Queens.


2) Who were the first writers you seen up and who influence you to do it.

In the Bronx, Where it all started I came across plenty of tags that Influenced me, Among them were: JIMMY HA HA , TRACY168, BLADE & COMET, KONE MAFIA, DESTINY. Although JIMMY HA HA was the coolest, I never met this guy.



3) How did you find the name DOLE.

I was writing the DELKO and came across DELK TBK tag and felt his name has to close to mine, so I sat down and took my letters I wrote well and tossed them around until I found DOLE.


4) Could you tell us about your first trip hitting the trains and What was going thru your head.

The first time I hit a train was a motion bomb at  Woodlawn . on the A line. I was determined to go bombing and had a bag full of welfare paint.The first time I went bombing was at the legendary Grant tunnel in Brooklyn.... I rode from leffert blvd ( My home station ) to Grant, alone, there I met DOC, KC ONE AND ZEST . These brothers actually took me down inside grant. I remember the tunnel being pitch black, holding on to ZEST shoulders, going down the ladder and the size of the CC flats.. Enormous! you could not tell me shit. Amazingly on the first trip, I did not do insides I just did a piece ( ugly of course) but DOC and ZEST threw me down with R.V.R and R.i.A. It was a good day like ice club would say.


5) Who where the first writers you went hitting with the most and what lines where they.

After DOC and ZEST and KC ONE episode. Grant was my second home, I was young at the time (14 years old  ) so on any given afternoon, I could be found with BO DRUGS at grant bombing  CC's or at oxford and greenwood bombing A's ( My home line ).


6) The CAC crew was killing the insides back in the day, who were all the members and what yard, lay ups did you guys focus on most.

The CAC crew consisted of two bases at two separate times. The first group was / is based in Queens consisted of RAB, KAYZEE5, SLAM , DESIRE, SURE and myself. The second crew was based in Harlem and consisted of SLAM ( who moved to Harlem ) , SUSIEE, HP173rd, DEN and myself.In Queens we mostly hit Grant lay ups, Oxford and Greenwood, the Pitkin yard and 175th ave on the E and F lines. In Harlem, 175th was our home, unless there was snow storm then it was 155th ( Our home station ).

7) Did you or your crew ever go all city.

Yes, both teams went ALL CITY at least once. RAB introduced me to the idea of going all city and then I moved to Harlem, HP173 and SUEIE also was ready to go beyond our home lines to tear shit up.


8) did you ever have any war with other writers  and could you tell us a little about it.

Yes during my Harlem days we had major beef with this crew FK. Who lived above 175th street lay ups. It was a misunderstanding that had to do with SLAM but what can you do. It got ugly at times and phone calls had to be made but hey were still here. I summed it up by borrowing a quote from IZ THE WIZ, " when your up, they want to write with you or fight with you." So True.


9) Who would you say was your core partner in those days.

During the war days, my partner was the CAC family.. RAB, SLAM, HP173, SUEIE, DEN, RAZE, KEZ, and extended family( When calls were made) : CHINO BYI, ROACH TFV, BET TFV, OD, SAST, VANEL etc.,


10) Could you tell us some raid any raid stories and have you ever been busted.

Well, after one of those phone calls, I remember being dusted and Cisco'd up in 175th beating down some kids who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. We ( it was at least 12 of us ) were coming out of the tunnel, onto the station. A downtown A train coming into the station, me and SUEIE jumps onto the train and try to our best to look innocent ( I'm dusted but trying.. ) This train sat at 175th street for about 5 minutes until a cop came around with one of the poor saps that just got his ass handed to him and pointed to me and SUEIE. Damn, out of all of us, he chose two.... SUEY and DOLE. Come to think about it , Every time I drank CISCO, I got arrested. Go figure. Me and SUEY spent the weekend on Riker's island for that episode. I was also in the 3 yard once by myself, when something made me go into the conductor's booth and looked out the window. I actually saw cops creeping, they gave chase and I got  away but in all honesty that was the only time I seen cops in the lay up.

11) Do you think inside artists are over looked in the history of Graffiti.

Not at all, I understand the outsides was where the art was, a much easier story to tell. Although the insides was where the action was, I don't feel slighted at all.


12) what was the ink of choice in those days and did you and your boys like pinning your markers and using uni's.

My ink of choice was Flo Master, after they folded I settled for Marsh but my favorite  was Super market ink. As for markers,  I made mine out of ban roll on, pencil and school issued erasers ( The pencil was part to keep the eraser from falling into the bottle ). I remember pinning my Pilots when I was a toy paying my dues but as I got familiar with everything, I would learn to appreciate a new pilot or Magnum tip.


13) How important do you feel hand style is in being a writer.

 Hand writing is very important. It determines if you was to be taken seriously or not, how much trouble came your way.

14) Who do you think is the most over looked writer in history.

 Good question. I don't see or hear many discussions on MIN's impact or SAGO's either. WOW peaked in the 80's and when RTW and WOW came together ... that was  major stuff. IZ THE WIZ ,COPE2, DURO, SKEME, all deserve Holidays in thier honor.


15) What is DOLE doing now days.

I'm working for the MTA ( can you you believe that shit ) and can be found at Madison Square Garden come fight night. I have a jones for the fight game (Boxing ).                                                                 



                                   ~~~ DOLE CAC


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