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History of Writers

"Hot 110"  


"Hot 110" was a word, and term, used to go over another writers work in the 1970's.  The reasons for writing "Hot 110" over someone else's work varied on the individual writer.   The main reason writers went over works of another writer, was to retaliate against the other for going over  his/her work, which is a sign of disrespect.  


"Cross-Out Wars"



Here, writers speak about some of the biggest subway wars in history.  In the late 1970's thru the1980's, the number of writers grew to thousands, and the fight for space became harder to come by.  In those same years, writing groups grew even larger than the years prior.  One-on-one battles became a ten-on-one battle.  Writing groups stressed their own territories, lay-ups, yards and subway lines.  As a result, many writing groups went against each other.  Notable groups like.... TC-5 vs. TMT, MPC vs. RTW, TVS vs. TNT, RTW vs. RIS and TPA vs. WR crossed each other out, time and time again.  Subway Outlaws are in no way trying to stir up any old bad feelings , however just expressing what took place in through out history.




LIL SOUL 159:  I stopped writing in 1975, when the number of writers were minimal.  In 1977, when I started taking the train to school, I saw trains that were just out of control!  It became every man for himself, as writers painted over each others pieces for no reason at all.  When writing, if there wasn't any room, writers were forced to go over someone else's work.  This would totally background their piece, leaving no sign of it.  These new "cats" (writers) were just covering anything in site, leaving pieces over pieces, throw-up's over throw-up's, or just throw-up's over pieces.  It was a mess!


DANGER 59:  AFX 2 and VINNY had this big war on the J train lines in the mid year of 1975.  Anytime someone took the train, they would see AFX 2 and Vinny constantly going over each others pieces.  AFX 2 was a stocky, Chinese guy, from Brooklyn, that took over the J's that year.  VINNY was a writer from the A-line, who was trying to go All-City and went over every writer in his way.  Some of the shit they wrote to each other were just so fuckin funny....I remember VINNY going over AFX 2 writing to him, "WHERE IS MY LAUNDRY CHUMP?".



NEOONE RIS :  I remember a day in 1984, we all went to bomb the M yard and saw RTW, who had just finished bombing the whole yard!  They had bombed every single car in the yard that day.  On one car they wrote, "I AIN'T AFRAID OF NO GHOST!".  That year the movie, "GhostBusters" came out and became a big hit.  We all went over their stuff and GHOST wrote,  "YOU'VE BEEN SLIMED!"