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History of Writers

"Hot 110"  



"Hot 110" was a word, and term, used to go over another writers work in the 1970's.  The reasons for writing "Hot 110" over someone else's work varied on the individual writer.   The main reason writers went over works of another writers, was to retaliate against the other for going over  his/her work, which is a sign of disrespect.  


"Cross-Out Wars"





BLADE ; There has been allot of people still speaking about a run in I had with IZ THE WIZ and CAZ 2. There has been allot written about this confrontation COMET and I had with both of these writers that have been totally distorted. I would like to set the record straight and tell what really happen. Comet and I just finished a whole car in Esplanade lay-up in the Bronx around the fall of 1978. I had this system which I would look out on top of the train while my partner Comet would finish his painting below. Iz and Caz were there that same night but they were on the top of the train outside of Esplanade. Comet discovered that one of his top to bottom double whole car was crossed out but my whole car on the next car was untouched. We had been in the lay-up all night and Comet know that it had to be Iz or Caz who crossed him out. Just then Iz and Caz walked right towards Comet but they were on top of the train. Comet told them both to climb down off the train and told them that he was going to kick both of their asses. I was still on top of the train and instead of Caz climbing down to fight Comet he hit me cross the


   back side of my head when I was not looking. I fell off the top of the train. The next thing I seen in a daze was Comet chasing both Caz and Iz out of the lay-up yelling and threading to kill them both! Caz knew he had no beef with me but hit me from behind because he knew I wouldn't expect it then ran away. He was brave enough to cross out Comet's piece but once confronted by Comet ran away. This was the only confrontation in which I saw two writers chased away by one person.5 years later I was driving through the Bronx with Comet and he saw Iz the wiz at Bronx park east train station. Comet leaped out the car and chased Iz down a few block. Iz was standing there along with Sach and Min but once he seen Comet he dropped all his paint and ran beside the two. Once Comet ran back we grabbed all his paint and went off to Esplanade to lay up and did a two man whole car with Iz's paint. A few years later I became friends with Quik and was invited to stop by his home to hang out a while. When I walked though the door I saw Iz there and at this point I was 35 years old and in a home with Quik's mother present. I decided to talk it out with Iz that day with him telling me that it was CAZ who hit me from behind and that he had no beef with me, Which I was pretty certain about. We settle it and became very good friends afterwards.

..............................OUT OF CONTROL

BOM 5 ;  Colt and Slip were referred to as the little BLADE and COMET of the late 70's and early 80's. For a short time they were king of the 2 and 5 lines, which belong to BLADE and COMET for so many years. But Colt and Slip could not keep up with the pace of the two Crazy 5 members, which Comet would some time  blast ( cover ) most of their work. CAP ;  I never understand why Comet would go over  Colt and Slip. They would all go bombing together the same night. Comet would return the next day and go over all of Colt and Slip work and the two would not say a word about it, just to avoid a  fist fight with him. Colt and Slip were down with M.P.C which was why I started crossing out Comet stuff to protect my crew members.




.... QUIK RTW, The Subway Outlaw!



The MPC crew goes over Quik's full hand ball court.

Confessions of a Graffiti Rat. - "DON'T MISS THIS "


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