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History of Writers

~ Hand Style 3 ~

What is in a name?  Everything!  How a name is written however, is even more important.  Hand writing is the first step in becoming a Graffiti writer.  Writers put in much time and pride into there tags.  Writers developed there tag, to stand out from others due to the competition.  In time, a writers tag became a label of who they were, and who they are today.


 DEL wrote for many groups, even The Fabulous 5.  Here he displays a very clean hand writing style with his famous catch phrase "DEL WAZ HERE".



FDT 56, an early Bronx writer that was an All-City tagger in the 1970's.




FLAME PIC had a wicked hand style in his time.  In 1980-1981, FLAME PIC and FUZZ ONE were always tagging together on the 7 train line.




FUTURA.2000's  famous tag, on a wall just off the Broadway number 1 line.  FUTURA had one of the best hand style of all time.




BLADE 1 had a very original hand style in his time.  (Note, the unique ribbon used as a number one)





SON 1 is one of the all time kings of the number 7 line in the 1970's.  Here SON ONE  connects his "e"  into a box which was originated by him, and later copied by many.





UN 1 and OE 3, display a Brooklyn hand style that was seen on many BMT's.






PRESWEET, a famous Bronx tagger from the 1970's to early 1980's.



Early tag by CLYDE in the Bronx (1971)




FUZZ ONE TFP - FUZZ put up the late SOLID 1 TFP who was killed in the train yard during the 1970's.  SOLID was a very respected writer on the IRT's in the 1970's.  FUZZ ONE had very nice hand style that was seen on the 7's, as well as many other lines.





ALI , was the leader of the SOUL ARTIST and partner of FUTURA 2000, in the early 1970's, on the Broadway line.  He was a writer with great vision within the movement, but sadly his life was taken from him (by a drug dealer).




ROGER outlined tag - who had a very original hand style and was very respected by many writers in the early to mid 1970's.






PRO - Was SON 1's  partner in the 1970's and the two became kings on the 7's.  However, they were also seen on other lines that many have forgotten.






CORNELL 139, New York City