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Hot 110

~ Hand Style ~

What is in a name?  Everything!  How a name is written however, is even more important.  Hand writing is the first step in becoming a Graffiti writer.  Writers put in much time and pride into there tags.  Writers developed there tag, to stand out from others due to the competition.  In time, a writers tag became a label of who they were, and who they are today.







 . BOM 5 : Some of my favorite hand writing styles growing up as a kid in the 70's, would have to be  LSD 3, BLADE & COMET ( Remember when those two bombed the circle line boats with big fat tags ). STAY HIGH / VOICE OF THE GHETTO tags were dope! CHINO MALO - MTA ( My Cousin ), BILLY 167,( Rip ) PRESWEET - TR ( The Rascals , which was his own crew). My man  SMILY 149, could write his ass off!




DR. SEX 1, TAN 144, STEVE 229, CASINO 143, SUPER SLY 156 and  MR FLAVOR 2. Photo taken on Bay Chester Ave train Station in the Bronx.

. ALE : train station shot looks to be Baychester  Ave, on  the 5 line  some where about 1972 / 73. Dr. Sex -1 was from Co-op City , he was a friend of Blade and myself. Dr. Sex was Fresco -1's writing partner. Tan -144 was one of CO CO 144 's  writing partners. The two originally come from Broadway.


  The 56 boys, FDT 56, HOY 56 and TINE 1 on the far right on a B.M.T double R train early 1970's. SUPER STRUT was the undisputed king of the Double R line as well as many other B.M.T and I.N.D lines. SUPER STRUT would often hit up the name of brother TASS, who did not write much.






 KITU , THE CRUSHER 1 & 2 , KOOL KEVIN, ROMAN 1, JR 2, SLIP 1, TAN 144, RICAN 619, ACE 137 and BUG 170.

 * BLADE : There is a name I cant forget, KITU. This guy had nice hand writing and it was original . KITU use to hit the 2 and 5's with his partner TAKU. There were writers that only did single hits and never made the transition over to master pieces.






 * PEACHES ( Younger sister of HILT 505) :  When I think of my brother HILT 505, although he excelled in school and was tested at near genius level, and went to gifted schools.  When I think of him I think of him doing the thing that he enjoyed, and that was "Tagging" the NYC subway cars. Or he would say, "What trains are we gonna "Hit" next,   My mother was a school teacher and was not at all happy with Hilts favorite pastime, and would say " you are gonna get yourself in trouble doing that"

Our dad was a photographer and therefore saw this as art.  When Hilt would get busted by the N.Y.C Police, our mom would say, after she went to pick him up, "wait until your father gets home"  When my dad came home he was not a happy camper either but he always saw the true art form that it was and would appreciate it for what it was.  I remember times when Hilt

would schedule secret meetings at our house which took place in his bedroom. These meetings were to plan the next location that was to be "Hit".  At these meetings all who were invited would have their sketch pads and would create a "Master" that would be reviewed and critiqued by all who attended to decide if it was worthy of the spray paint, fat markers or risk that would be involved in getting the creation on a building, train, handball court or in a neighborhood where it would get a "Hot 110" across it if it did not make the cut. I remember a particular meeting where Dino nod and Phase II were expected to attend.  It was a given that Bad Bob and Cool Cliff 120 would attend because we were neighbors. I am several years younger that Hilt (about 3 years) so I would tell all my girlfriends what was going down because it was exciting for us. I knew that Magician 120 would be there because he and I were a young couple at the time. (the relationship ended as soon as Hilt found out, but that is a whole nother story. So, my friends and I would sit in the kitchen until the meeting was over.  We would say "Bye" as they left.  Then we would attempt to follow them. We would hide behind trees and cars and anything we could. But, by the time they got to the train station on 125 and Lex, Hilt would always turn around and say" you can't go with us, so go home now" and we always did. 








The legend from Kings Bridge TRACY 168 and LAVA 1 -2. On a  B.M.T " J " coal mine train, 1974.

The front of the subway car was referred to as the head line spot. Placing a signature in the front of every car would be the first thing  writers would see once a train pulled into a station. This was a practice originated and made popular by early Bronx writer LEE 163.




 * IZ THE WIZ : In the early 70's, it was a big deal to see your name roll in to a Subway station on the front car. I remember bombing a yard and fighting with the guy next to me, to get a tag on the front of a car.






 DEAD LEG 167 : I feel LEE 163 was the first Bronx Subway king, even before Super Kool 223 took over all the Bronx lines. LEE was the first writer to move from street hits over to the insides and outsides of Subway cars. LEE had a great writing style and the dude was respected through out the Bronx in the early 1970's. LEE would bring out writers such as SWEET DUKE, SLY 2 and the Great Stylist PHASE 2.



 AJ 161 / ALL JIVE- 161 : Some of my favorite earlier tags styles seeing on the Streets and Subways would have to be guys like, TREE 127 ( called that because of his height ) COOL JEFF, KITU, STAY HIGH, LEE 163 (  he was a cool light skin brother who lived in forest Projects and the dude could tag his ass off.)  SWEET DUKE and LEE hung out strong and I recall SWEET DUKE and PHASE 2 were cousins. Forest Projects had allot original cats living there. KOOL 3 lived on the 4th floor , KOOL KEVIN lived there as well and the original COMET who's real name was KEVIN but is better known as " LOVE BUG STAR SKI " ( early Hip Hop performer ) lived there. You see I got history.










* RIFF 170 / WORM 161 : I was reading an article some where which some Female writers from the 80's claiming to have been the only female writer in history to ever make it big on the Subways. That's totally not true! BARBARA 62 and EVA 62 were the the first female writers to go all city. Those two girls were all over the streets and Subway cars. MICHELE 62 and KELLY 62 also wrote with BARBARA and EVA and they got around as well. CHARMIN 65 ( R.I.P ) was the first Queen of the 2's and 5's and was all over the Subways just as much as SUPER KOOL then. She did master pieces as well in the early 70's and was respected by many of the male writers of the day. I can think of a handful of others that got up like BIG BIRD 107 & S.PAT 169, STONEY / GRAPE 1-897 ( From Brooklyn ) LILY 101, POO-NI 1-167 , Z-73  had real nice style! VAMM and AJAX can confirm that. I think allot of these female artist need to do there home work.




KING KOOL 156 & SUPER KOOL 156 - R.ip )... (  The Ebony Dukes-Inc )

KIVU 1 ( Early female Writers.)


Kivu 1 was a female writer from the Bronx and former writing partner of Z-73. KIVU was a member of such writing groups as The Ebony Dukes and The Crazy Five



MARK 198, P.NUT 2, SONNY 107, TRACY 168.

SPEAR / DS 3 : MARK 198 was one of my favorite writers on the D line. He had a nice neat style and many of the pieces he did stood out. He is a writer I often hear unmentioned in History.

DENNIS 168 points to a TRACY 168 hit. Note SET 149 on lower right hand side. SET was king of the insides of the 4's for a few years during the 70s. Photo provided by The Great TRACY 168 ( Wild Style crew )




We would like to thank the all the writers on this page  for sharing a little of his history with us. Subway Outlaws would like to thank KR ONE for his support over the years. Photo credits go to KIT 17 and the M.G Boys. LAVA 1& 2 ( STRAIGHT MAN ), TOPAZ 1ALL JIVE 161 / AJ 161, KR ONE, TRACY 168 , FLINT... FOR THOSE WHO DARE , plus the team at Subway " CHECK IT OUT! " Just off the presses. Click here.  For any question or should you like to provide photos. Please contact us at  MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COM