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Started : 1980

Area : Queens New York

Alias : Sigh, Pero

Writing Groups : TPA , TC . Tc5, Fc

Main Lines : E's & F's , M's, RR's. N's, GG's



1) When did you start writing?

Intially, around 1980 or 1981 at about 14 or 15. I would probably have
to give my little brother credit for exposing me to it. The BB CREW,
which was him and his friend, were writing on the buses locally. It was
short lived. I think around that time I started to take a little
interest. I beleive the first real writer I saw was CER. TPA. I knew
CER in elementary school. Later in high school, I remember getting off
the last stop on Q4A bus in Queens and seeing him there with another
cat doing throw ups on the outside of the buses like they were trains.



  2) Can you tell us the first writers you seen up when you first started out?

When I first started taking notice, I remember seeing OE and BABY. They
were up crazy on the trains. In regards to surface bombing, I remember
always seeing SOFINE and ME UP, KID56 throughout Queens.

BABY.168, OE.3, SOFINE and ME-UP.

3) How did you come up with the name sye and where was the first
 place you went hitting?

Not really sure. I remember a kid in my neighborhood who wrote CEST. I
think he originally came up with it but couldn't rock it. I took it for
myself. I first started piecing in 176 park in Queens. My first piece
was black outline and silver fill in. That joint was bitter wack!

4) what other names did you write?

 PORE, KNOCK, MIZE, MIRE, GAZE...none of which I think I ever wrote on
trains. It was always SYE or SIGH.

 5) What writing groups did you write for?

   TPA. was the fam...  TC. Fresh Kidds. IA. YSL. ROC. TKA. TKC. CAC


 6) Who would you say was your main writing partner and can you
 tell us all the writers you wrote with over the years?

  I don't believe there was one particular partner that I always wrote with, but most of the time it would be PW. SLOAN. CER. KAP. LUST.   I remember writing with 2NICE. SOFINE.  CASH.


 7) Can you tell us all the train lines you hit over the years
 and what was your main line?

  BMTs and the INDs...the E& Fs was our main lines. I rememeber hitting
them hard. We was the first crew doing those huge window down throw
ups. I remember a night me, PW and CER went to bomb with MIN and RICH.
I remember MIN commenting on how big the throw ups were that we were
doing. Right around that time, TPA and RTW owned the Es and Fs.



8) Would you have any raid stories you can share with us?
   For me the most memorable was the first time I went bombing with CER
and PW. We hit the 179 St lay-up and bombed crazy and did some nice


window down pieces. Just when I was finishing, we saw some work-bums coming at up and they were in hot pursuit. I'm sure they wanted to beat us down. I remember
 jumping in between cars...PW was right behind me and CER in front. I felt like I wasn't moving fast enough and I 'm sure PW would agree. I remember getting to the hatch in that same order and having to push CER as he cracked the

hatch because one of the work-bums grabbed PW's foot as we were making our way out. I looked down that work-bum looked pissed.


9) TPA owned the E & F line for a time. Can you tell us any WAR's the group  had with other writers and did you have any personal writing war's with other writers as well.

  The only beef I can recall is the beef with the WR
crew...specifically KP. I wasn't too involved on a personal level it
more like a crew effort. I think his beef was more with CER and KAP. 

SL one ( aka SLOAN ) and SYE on a double " R " Train, 1980's.

10) What writers do you feel are underated and should be spoken
 of more?  


11) What do you feel was your best painting that you have done
 on the trains or walls?

  I did a top to bottom at the City Hall lay up. I never saw that run.
I know it wasn't the best but it felt that way while I was doing it. I
think my best piece is yet to come...


12) When was the last time you hit the trains? Where was it and
 who were you with?

  The last time I hit the trains was probably in 1987. I was probably
with PW ,SLOAN and CER. As the buff started to kill the trains, I
started gravitating towards walls, doing murals.. airbrushing. Me and PW
tried to do things to put a little money in our pockets.  



Should any one have photos of SYE's work. Please contact MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COM