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Hot 110


Started : 1970's


Alias : IKE 327, CI ( COOL IZ ) IZZY, 

Writing Groups : TMB, TOP, POG, TC, BYB, TSS, 3YB.




1) Where and when did you start writing?

I started "street-tagging" in "Ozone Park", Queens New York City, in the fall of 1972. I started writing SCAT and SQUIRE on the green bus line as well as hitting my name up all over the public school I went to in Queens.


2) What were the first names you seen up back then?

 There was a guy that only did street level stuff.  He wrote "Rague".  I also recognized, on walls, writers from"102park.Guy's like the original "Duster-1(r.i.p.)& Duster-2, Torch-1-2,Mike97,Shorty13,Vinny,& a host of others not as popular. It was common, back then, for one name to have two guys "pushing" it so it appeared the name got up more than it was. On trains, VINNY was king! ClIFF159, was up pretty much, TEE & STIM (r.i.p.) were everywhere. FRANK 207 ( Was the original king of the A -line ), ODD, PRO 2, SPIN, B.ONE, FLINT 707, COMET, AJAX, yeah there was an SOS & BRILLO also, CHINO, (not sure which one), SHIEK, UNCLE JOHN, TEAR, JAP, KINK, EVIL 13, CA (Captain America) ALL-ONE, MINGO-1, STEVE 61, GUMBY, EARL ( aka SHASTA / POET ) MICO-1, INK 76, SNIPER 131, MORT 131 (r.i.p.), SUPER STRUT & TASS, A-TRAIN, TRUE -1, TRUE-2, (one did insides & the other outsides), TAIN-1, Mad 2, F99, (just did insides, with "uni's), SOUL SLICK, CHECKER 170, MOVIN 2 (aka TI-149), STAY HIGH 149.These are just "some" of the recognizable tags & pieces!

Example of some of the influences, ( VINNY.) and ( ALL-1).


3) Could you tell us about your first experience hitting the trains and what was going through your head while doing it?






The first time I hit a train I was with "Evil13". We "racked-up" some


"Red-Devil" paint. (also known as 'supreme quality'). I grabbed a can of "Chinese Red",& a can of "Empire Blue". I did two "IKE" pieces, (below the blue line!!!).Boy they were"fugly", but at the time I thought I did something! That evening rush hour I saw them running, well, the rest IZ history!


4) How did you find the name " IZ THE WIZ". And what were you writing before that?

I started  writing "IKE 327"  before I wrote " IZ THE WIZ " ,which I got from a poster that read, "The Wiz iz a Wow" (This appeared


 on a on a transit billboard for the musical on Broadway ,"The WIZ" which was a modern version of "The wizard of oz")  I switch it around and got IZ THE WIZ out it. the first time I put it up, I said this is to good to be true. The name worked out great . You see when the two letter throw up craze took off in the mid 1970's, there was a Whole plan behind doing IZ pieces or throw ups on the the trains. I would place the IZ in the little corners, the IKE in bigger corner and VINNY or whoever else would piece in the middle panel. The plan was to take up room so  TO  ( MICKEY 729) the late founder of the TOP CREW ( THE ODD PARTNERS ) and IN couldn't get the corners and be forced to hit the middle of the train, where writers with longer names that

 were doing big pieces would go right over them. But I gotta give IN a lot credit since he was a little bit before me with those two letter name. He was definitely was an influence on the path I took. IN started on the IRT's in Brooklyn, Then He was up in the Bronx writing KILL 3. It got devastating once he hooked up with MICKEY 729 and the THE TOP CREW, Those guys did some serous damage. But my the late mid 70's IN was fading out , and I kept on going.



5) What lines were you hitting back then and who was your first bombing  partner?


6) What were the earliest writing groups you were in back in the 70's.









7) How did the TMB crew ( The master blasters)  start. Who were all the members of the group?


8) What was your favorite yard or lay up to hit?


9) Who was your favorite partner and could you tell us all the writers you have bombed with through out the year's?

My favorite & probably best partner was "SACH-T.M.B! We did major, major damage together, We "racked" tens of thousands cans

of spray paint! We ate ,slept,& lived for graffiti. Other writers I teamed up with were; FI-ONE, EVIL13, SHORTY13, STOKE, COLT SSB, DIME 139, VINNY, UNCLE JOHN 178 ( UJ 178 ), EX~1, ODD 1, PRO 2,  BLITZ, CAZ 2 (aka,CY the kid), PEO ( CISCO ) WEO ( AT ), CJ,  SLY 108 ( MC ), CL ( L-7), HE 3,  SON 1 - PAL & PRO 1 PAL,  SEEN-UA ( OD3 ), FUZZ-ONE, SAR-ONE, SIKE 112,, ST 3, CAV, STAN 153, DASH -TK ( The Original ) MAD 2, TAIN, LEE - TF5, SMOKE- TKC ( YE ) MIDG (LB), SAB,  SIKO ( aka BAD TEK or BT 2), PUMA 107, NO TMB , KIK 1, NO - TMB,  JOEY- TPA,  FANE / PI-2, CIPPY 13,, SAKE 102 - park, TRAFFIC, 2 IL , INK 76/ IY189, DEAL-NSA, GHOST- RIS, QUIK RTW,RICH 2-TNS ( RH ),, MIN-1 ( NE ), REVOLT,  LADY PINK, DURO 1,  PAID - TVS,   NIK-Tss ( KN ), KB -

TSS (KRAZY BOY ), SIR-TKC, EPIC -1&2, MONZA, BEAR , JESTER ( DY 167 ), OO-ONE (CADD),  JASON ( TERROR161) & PJAY,  BLADE, ALE 1, JAMES -TOP ( JEE 2 ), The "G" crew, & many more!


10) Do you have any raid stories you can tell us?

10.. Myself, SAR, MIDG, & GK, were scooping out the fresh pond road freight yard. Since GK was the "NEW JACK",we sent him forward to take a look at the condition the condition was in. Then out of nowhere ,seemed like out of thin air a mad raid came down upon us. MIDG & GK hid behind some bushes. They were so short they could hide that way ALL night if they had to! But because

 SAR & myself are like 6ft. plus & 180-190lbs,the "man" gave us pursuit instead of looking for the other two. We were the obvious targets at this point. We ran past the last stop of the "M's". (metropolitan ave.). Through the freight tunnel. They kept chasing. After going through two tunnels I was really winded. I asked SAR if we could chill & wait for these bums. (Thought being that by the time they catch on to us they would be winded& we would be rested). Then we hit them in the head or something. SAR replied, "IZ, they got guns".O.K., We start running again with SAR grabbing my jacket, pulling me along. ( I didn't care at the time what they had. Definitely NOT my most scholastic moment!) We eventually ran up an embankment to a chain link fence warehouse wall. Lucky for us there were no dogs. Then we hopped the  outside fence 

onto the street. Once on the street we instinctively split up. We automatically knew "the man" was looking for two big guys. But now we were two individuals. We each jumped in separate cabs at separate times & we all met at MIDG's house, safely. I also remember a big chase while I was tagging my neighborhood right across the street from P.C Richards. I was tagging on a wall , as an off duty officer who was probably just on his way home from the 106th priecent, When he saw me, He gave pursuit. I remember running from him, back then I could out run any body so it was no problem getting away, but he had a walkie talkie or something because before I knew it there were police cars coming out of every where. So I ran and jumped a couple of  fences. I over heard them saying " hey we have him cornered ", little did they know I climbed a tree and laid on a garage roof. While on the roof I took all the fat caps out of my pocket and dropped them to the floor, they found the caps which they figured I had dropped as I was going over the next level of fences. They were down there for about fifteen to twenty minutes looking for me. That was some crazy shit!


11) could you tell us about any war's you had with other writers.


12) What do you think it takes to be a true writer or to become a true king.

Dedication, Loyalty, and most of all Persistence.


13) Who do you feel is the most underrated writer.


14) When was the last  time you went bombing?


15) any last words?

All I can say is keep it real. Know your true history. This thing we do iz a beautiful thing. Keep it that way,and all of its purity. Shout-outs to;SACH, SAR, QUIK, SIKE, DANGER 59 & TERO, Cippy, Revolt, Zeph, Keo, StayHigh, Star, Stan153, Sir, Eko, Chino, @Ilskirockwell, Pulse, Blade, Somber Pat & Ruben,Ron718, FUZZ-ONE, & ALL the rest. And a special thanks to Ms.D. Molina,without your kind heart & supportand the special warmth you bring with you ALL the time, this life just wouldn't be worth a damn. Your the best! 

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