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History of writers.

Started : 1978

Area : Brooklyn New York

Main Lines : B's, D's, RR's, LL's, J's, M's, N's, E & F's,

Writing Groups : MOD, TST, NYC, WR, 7DS, WOW, DOG, TBK, TD4



 I started like everyone, writing on the schools black board with the chalk turn side ways to get that wide uni look, like the ones "IZ THE WIZ" and "AS2" were doing back in the mid 70's.  Back in those days I'll see tag all over the school yards and hand ball courts, the tags that I saw were "NIF", "UN" ,"HEC", SOUL" , "TOR", "TO 729 top", NA ", HURST ", STAF 1 " and  many,



 many others. This was in Williamsburg a section in Brooklyn I use to live right across the street from  Knickerbockers ave in the corner of hart street. I remember the black out and the looting. that's how I can remember years. In 1977 I moved to Florida with my grandmother to make a better life. I Believe I remained there till late 1978 the turning point for me will have to be when my




 older cousin took me to the movie to see "THE WARRIORS" man" that movie just gave me the chills when I saw the tag that I was familiar with... seeing "NIF", " IZ" & "DEAN". I was thinking to my self man these guys are famous! looking at the big screen this was a site to see, that's when I got home sick. After the film I got home and told my grandmother that I wanted to move back to Brooklyn. I would bother her everyday, ill even cry in till she gave up and sent me back to live with my mother. There was one problem I won't be coming back to Williamsburg my mom was now living in "SUNSET PARK. I notice one thing about sunset park, It looked cleaner. I felt like I was living in the suburbs. It's funny how you see the world when you are young and naive.




In Sunset Park Brooklyn the writers that stood out to were guys like T59, AS-2 and MUGS on the streets and in the insides of the Subway cars, as well  early BT / BAD TAXI and AC tags. These were some of the writers that inspired me to write. I use to peep the buses across the street from Knickerbocker Park in the corner of Hart Street and see SIKO and KIK all over those buses. I also others like MR.R, RITZ, ROOK and JOENUTS-TBK on both the trains and buses in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.






 I met allot of writers in sunset park but one stood out from the rest I was going to perching J.H.S and notice this dude, he always had people around him like he was an important finger or something I later got introduce to him.



 His name was "MR.R" and his crew was masters of disasters. The people around him then were  " ERA",  SIKE and his brother KOMAK,  SWAN, BREW and COMA. Those were the original M.O.D members. We got along from the start at the time I was writing ERO. This was the first writing crews I was down with, but  in late 1979 I moved back to Bushwick Brooklyn were I met a



 different bunch of dudes like  KP wr who was up on the (J) and (LL) with his simple tag, he did not have that killa throw up yet.  KP introduced me to "SAKE" aka YD43. I recall one time I was at the freight yards by Glendale can't remember the location but I was hitting the freights writing under my first tag "ERO"  when all of sudden these two dudes show up asking me what I write. They don't look to friendly, so I told them what I wrote but they didn't seem interested  and asked if they could hit up with my marker. I had a feeling these guys wanted more then just tag up with my marker they were trying to rip me off, but thank god KP shows up and tells them to leave me alone, KP told them I was cool and I was with him. The two guys that night were HEAT aka WARLORD ( From the writing crew  W.R. -"Writers Revenge" ) and FIST. After all that we became good friends. HEAT put me down

 with his crew WR, but at the time I was wasn't happy with the tag ERO and was thinking of another name that had a better sound to it , so day one we were all hanging out at HEAT's house watching Television and a commercial came on for "DELCO" batteries.



 HEAT told me that's a cool name, if you drop the "CO" and put a "K" at the end. I started to practice with D-E-L-K and each time I wrote it on paper it just had a nice flow to it  and I been DELK ever since.  here I'm going back and forth from Bushwick to sunset park just meeting writers from both Boroughs.  Back in sunset park MR.R introduced me to SES dog who was always with t



  his Little kid that wrote  TAX3 and we started hitting together. The two took me down to 61st street were AC and his brother JOE NUT's lived. That was the place to meet  other writers, which was like our 149th street writers bench but it was AC & JOE's stoop.  There you see BT / BADTAXI,  SOR,  DG , MAGOO 2, RET, CUSTOM 2, ROTE, ROACH and EM. This was before the TBK crew was formed, it was "NYC crew. I was hitting every lay-up and elevated lay up in Brooklyn with AC & BT but the dude that I really like hitting with was  KROOK. I met KROOK when he was writing SC3  all of a sudden he change his tag to KROOK and he started hanging out and

 got to king the (B) (N) (D) (RR's) these are the lines we really dominated. Around this time AC started slowing down he basically king'd all line including the IRT's with Rote this is one dude that never gets mention and he was the inside king hand down.. True inside king. A round this time I was also bombing with the"WR crew hitting the (LL) (M) (A) (CC) (J) but never got the chance to






 hit the I.R.T's. I only hit the lines that I would get to see riding through Brooklyn. Early on I was really big into motion tagging the trains. I would hit up my name even if there were people sitting in the train, some would say something but other were too scared and kept reading there newspapers, I just had to leave my tag. when you are young you think you are going to live forever. I have a  funny story about racking. Krook and I walk into his hardware store and we racking paint when we walking out we notice the owner had John Travolta pictures all over the wall. There were photos of John Travolta when he did the film Saturday night fever. KROOK and I couldn't help but to laugh our asses off while slipping cans of paint in to our jackets.

 I had the best of two worlds when I was writing, when it came down to being there at the right place and time. AC took me to the Dewey yards for the first time. To get in the yard we had to go through the school yard of John Dewy High school which there was a nice size hole in the fence. The dewy yard was one of the biggest yards in the city and a writer could do do some major damage in one night of bombing because the yard held so many trains. That night AC introduced me to SAGO and



BOE the leaders of the WOW crew. At the time the WOW crew owned the Dewy yard and didn't take kindly to strangers coming in and bombing their yard. There are endless stories of writers from other parts of the city visiting the yard unionized only to find themselves taking a beat down from the WOW crew and getting their paint and markers robbed. But luckily AC and I became friends with them which allowed us to bomb the yard with no worries. I still had to be on the look out from the thugs that lived at  Marlboro projects which was right across the street from the yard. These dudes will put a beat down on any one who wasn't from the projects and they didn't care if you was down with the WOW or not, they will take your stuff and if you were lucky they'll let you go home unharmed. I remember there were these two dudes who use to write Case & Fly, that would  hang out by the school yard just waiting for writers to vamp ( rob), they didn't care for me at all but luckily I was friends with Sago so they'll leave me alone. The WOW

 crew were on good terms with the N.Y.C crew and would let us have access to the yard.  But some beef broke out between BOE and TAX 3. I can't remember if BOE went over TAX or BOE rip off one of TAX 3's homeboy's. What ever the case that beef put N.Y.C crew  at odds with WOW crew at around the same time JOE NUT's was caming out with th TBK crew ( The Brooklyn kids ).  TBK is the new N.Y.C, which had the same members from 61rst street  stoop. There were three place's we all use to meet, one was 61street, 53rd or the Dog house that was SES club house it was located by the "King Kong Caves a fame spot were writers use to do pieces. I had a piece down there with Sake that lasted many years.




One summer we were all hanging out at 61rst street ( AC and JOE NUTS stoop ) there were bunch of writers and none writers there. It was like the cine from that "Spike lee movie (Do the right thing) the heat was messing with people heads, it's funny but when it gets hot people behave a certain way... here comes TAX 3 pisted off about something, I think he was saying "Yo let's go down to Marlboro projects I'm gonna F#%K up BOE" he keeps going over my SHIT!

So here we are, we all want see a good fight, and TAX 3 had a way of mobilizing a mob he got every body that was there to accompany him on his quest, Shit I went just to see a good fight, but like I said before when you are young you make poor choices. All I remember was the (N) train full like it was rush hour but it was only writers. The people that I remember were JOE NUTS / JN 2, SOR, INK76 / IY 189, KROOK, DG his bro Roden Brun7DS. There were more that come along, but I can't remember all their names. AC and SES wasn't around that day, I guess they were out bombing some yard. So we got to our destination all got out at



 and  we all walked to were BOE was staying in the project. Man" to tell you the truth it look like we were about to Lynch Boe.. when all of a sudden a mob of thugs come charging at us with bats bottles, it's funny how the mind see thing, when there unfolding right before your eyes it's like a car accident you see things in slow motion.. I remember seeing JOE fighting two guys, then I looked over to the other side and seen  ink76 blocking this dude who was trying to hit him with an axe. I was flipping out, there were a couple of dudes holding knifes and sticks, and here I'm weighting 100 pounds, so I started to doge and zig zag around all these dudes. I was running when I heard a sound, a car screeching, I looked over and saw this dude in the air and plap! he landed  right between me and and the guys chasing me. It was one of there boy's lying there they are trying to make since of it but that  was my time to exit. That whole situation was out of control to say the lest...................................................................Next Page...



Interview conducted by  Monique Johnson 9 / 22 / 07, writer and editor for . Questions please contact us at Info@Subwayoutlaws.


 We would like to thank YD.43 and Monique for making this bio possible, Photo credits go to KROOK- TBK, COMA-MOD, EASY-TC, DANGER 59, MR.R - MOD, BOE /JULY4th, PADE,  WHISPER, JUICE-NSA, JOUST-NSA, SAR, KR 1,  IZ THE WIZ, MIKE 79, WEO-TBI, RIST 1, FLINT... , SES-DOG, TRIKE1, ERIC & SPAR FUZZ ONE, and the team at  Looks for Bio's by many other in the near future. Copyright Subway 2007