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Black books

History of writers.


STARTED : Early 70's.

AREA : The Bronx.

WRITING GROUPS : TC-5.. ( The Crazy Five )

MAIN LINES : 2's, 5's, 6's.



1) when did you start writing and who were the group of writers that you wrote with.
I started writing when I was 14-15 yrs old back in 1972-73. I started writing with Devil 1, SB28, Vamm, Tull13, Blade1, crachee 11and Death.




2) Could you tell us the first writers you seen back then and who inspired you .

The first writers to inspired me were, Blade1, Billy167, Devil1, Tracy168, stay high 149, Phase 2.

Some of SABRE's early influences .



3) What was the first train line you hit back then and who were you with.


My first Train was a 5 line at baychester ave. with a writer who wrote Te-kool,  it was a ultra cool experience, I did a Door to door piece of Sabre-115, kinda small but it was my first throw-up.


4) In the 70's there were allot of outlaw gangs back then.
How hard was it to get up  because of those gangs and what were those groups.


 I didn't have any hard time at all getting up- I was in the crazy 5- never a problem.




5) what writing groups where you in back then.


I joined the crazy 5 in 1973 and that was the only group I wrote for.


JOHN.150 -n- SUSAN,  SABRE.115 at end of subway car



6) How did the crazy 5 get started who was the prez.


I remember the night the crazy 5 came about, after some munchies at Mc donalds- there was Vamm-Death-Crachee11-Blade1-Tull13 and the crazy 5 was born. The full membership included  guys like... COMET, SILVER TIPS , AJAX , SHAKE , FRITZ. 218 , GEAR , ROACH aka MS 18, DEVIL, MARIO and MAZE.


7) who was your writing partner back then and who were all the writers you wrote with.


 My writing partners were devil 1, Tull13, vamm, blade 1, comet, mostly crazy 5 writers.

VAMM , NOTE.2  and BLADE TAKE OVER THE 7's... 1975.




8) would you have any chase storys.

My best chase memories are on allerton ave layups......We would climb up the pole to the top of the lay up and when ever 5.0 would come around we would slide back down the pole to safety, it was a trip.




9) What year do you feel was your best year as a writer

my best year was 1973





10) when was the last year you went hitting and why did you stop.

my last year hitting was in 1975 in greenpoint Brooklyn. The reasons I stopped was that I didn't want to go to jail and I could no longer find anyone in Brooklyn who wanted to take a chance. So I laid my paint down....for now anyways.





11) any closing words.


I remember when paint cans weren't locked away and you could stuff them in your jacket sleeves and 1 in the pants, yep 1972-73 was a awesome time to be a graffiti artist, visiting 149st station and checking out pieces, trading black books and shooting the breeze. I was good with my mini wider and maxi wider markers and killed allot of cars. I owe a lot of gratitude to the crazy 5 , they taught me the ropes and all the good times there of.----sorry its not like it used to be, other wise i might find my self in a lay-up at 3:00 in the morning doing a whole car or something like that



~~~~~~ " Sabre 115. " ~~~

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