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 STARTED : 1981

AREA : Jamaica Queens New York


LINES HITS : E's, F's, GG's, N's, M's, RR's, LL's, J's, D's, CC's, 2's, 5's.



1) When did you start writing and who were the first writers that inspired you to write.

I started writing back in '81.  KAP, CER, SP.1, CEY, DEMO, PUBO, PE3,
MUSIK (Muse) & K56, FUZZONE Were the 1st writers I saw coming up......while
living in Queens!

2) How did you come up with the name PW.

PW is short for Phantom Writer34, I grew up in 34 park. The name was too
long so I abbreviated it  PW219, because I grew up on 219st! I was smaller
than every body so turned it around and started writing "PeWe"

3) Could you tell us about your first experience hitting the trains and
who were you with.

I was still a toy and CER, SCOP& LUST wouldn't let me rock with them,
but KAP kept it real and let me get up w/ him at the "D yard", Kingsbridge Road in the Bronx.
It was crazy to be in there, doing whatever from 4am til 12pm the next day! We ran into CER & SCOP that night while they were doing insides with the work bum in the same car sweeping. I thought them dudes were crazy!! Once again they act like I wasn't even there!

4) Who were your first writing partners and who would you say were your
best writing partners.

My first partner was KAP TPA. My best partners was of course KAP, CER, SYE,
SLOAN & REC.127,

5) You are a member of one of the biggest writing groups of the 1980's
..TPA ( The Public Animals). Could you tell us about the start of the
group and who were all the members.

Well I wasn't there when it started,
but yeah you are right, TP to the f**king A is the biggest clique of the
'80s. It's impossible to name every body in TPA, because it grew too be so
big, like a plague. Everybody was trying too put that shit up. The ones officially down
know who they are!!


6) What other writing groups did you write for?

RTW, WOW, LES, CITY, PIC, TL, YSL and many more!!


7) Can you tell us about any cross out wars you and the group had with
other writers.

KAP & CER had beef with mad dudes.  KAP & CAP had a cross out war!  YD & KP
WR was one beef, Ghost Ris was another. The biggest was TPA ~vs~ RTW/WoW.
That lasted for awhile, until we had a meeting one night. Who met
that night from TPA was Myself  CER, KAP, DEMO, SYE. From RTW/WOW was MIN,
 RICH2, BOOZER, QUIK. TKC was there also: SIR, EB & EKO! After
the meeting we squashed the beef and went to the ghost
yard, MIN didn't want TKC too join! Getting in was some scary chit. You
had to go over a back wall covered with grease (intentionally) and if you
slipped.... into the river you went. If you remember the NY rivers in
the 80s.....that wasn't a good thing.  KAP, SYE, BOOZER & QUIK did 2 whole
cars that night while me, Min & Rich2 destroyed shit. What made my
night was when MIN saw how I got busy and said, "yo, throw up RTW/WOW".
I was officially down. Thanks Wayne!!!!
This is the response I got from every prez of every clique I met. I will
admit I'm not one of the most flamboyant writers, but I was one of the most
respected in my day!

8) Would you have any racking storys you could tell us about.

Boy oh boy, all I can say is, once I was taught the art of racking it
was over. I was doing (on a bad day), 20-40 cans. On a good day as many
as 200. We preyed on Long Island @ the art stores and paint stores. I
remember one time being with Lady Pink and and saw that she even tagged
up the paint rack!!

9) Can you tell us about all the train lines you hit over those years,
and what yards & lay ups did you catch them at.

I wasn't prejudice, I hit every line and layup that existed. Even tho I
was from "bus land" aka "the desert" aka "Queens". In those days
Queens writers wasn't respected for some reason until TPA and others
started running thru every bodys backyard. LOL.  My favorite spots were,
 I never touched the 7's. The E&F layups, E&F yard, M yard, City Hall, Ghost Yard, Bklyn Bridge, Esbionage,
1's daytime layup (uptown), Morris Park, D yard, Canal street, Coney Island., New Lotts,  The 2 yard, and all the the East New York layups....wassup IZ!! We got busy like this because we had keys to every line that existed, thanks too all the work bums we jacked. LOL.


10) Do you have any raid story's you could tell us about.

Me and Adam(pussy) was in the M yard gettin busy, then out of nowhere Adam jetted on me without saying anything.
All of a sudden lil spanish dudes was popping up from every where,,, between trains, underneath. They had golf clubs &
bats. It was the WR clique, but me being me I just stood there and said  whats up, they looked @ my throwup and said, "who ran, where is CER & KAP?" I told them it was Adam and I didn't know where CER & KAP was. Then they just broke out and started

bombing in the next lane. You figure??!! Once me and REC.127 was doing pieces in the Canal Street tunnel where bums lived and noticed an all white train pull in and just sit there, next thing there were about 15 cops jumping off the train in the tunnel. Me & REC.127 ran thru  the next station into the next tunnel and escaped thru a hatch in the middle of Canal St. It looked like we were shooting a movie surfacing thru the ground in broad daylight!! Another memorable raid was once me, TESS Xmen, & BOE L.O.C. was doing insides at the E&F yard with brand new mops with red opaque and brown opaque ink.....the drips was crazy!! Workers tried too ambush us, but no luck! Another raid was at the New Lotts yard with me and REC.127, Sloan & LOST RIS. I remember looking up and seeing a cop in a train drivers booth, after I saw him I jumped under the train, then the bastard made the train move while I was underneath. As I surfaced another cop tried too grab me, I threw my whole bag  of paint at him, hitting him in the head. I ran too the hole we had cut, but police was parked there

 while they flushed us out, so the next thing I did was run too the far corner of the yard and climbed the barb wire fence and jumped to the ground....anybody that knows New Lotts, knows how high the back wall is!! The most famous raid was on the front page of the NY Daily News in '85 or '86. While we were doing a whole Halloween train(10 cars), dedicated to the guys that was overseas in war at the time down in the underground, underground layup(2 levels down) at Union Turnpike (heaven)!! It was me, MUSE, KAP, SCOP, CER, EZO, SYE, SLOAN, DEMO until we were met by the infamous vandal police "Curly & Ferrari". All  I remember was SYE finishing his car 1st then going to do throw-ups,  then coming from underneath  my car saying "Curly & Ferrari"!!!!! . I ran so fast, I think CER was in the air doing the top of his car Iran between his legs. The only person caught  was EZO. They  also got about 250+ cans of paint!!

11) What writers do you feel are truely over looked in our history.

I believe every writer has gotten his just due! We can thank people like Martha Cooper &
Henry Chalfant. To all the art galleries down in alphabet city (L.E.S.) during the '80s
 that supported the ongoing hiphop culture, while it was in rare form! I call them the "Blondie" days!
All the websites like this one trying to enlighten the G-O-O-D days

12) The TPA crew ran the E's and F's in the 80's ,, what other lines did
they run?

M / GG / RR / D / N/ line I NEVER EVER hit the 7's!!

13) When was the last time you hit the trains and why did you stop.

Last time I think I hit up was around '88. The reason for retiring was, The art was slowing down, the buff was getting greater, too many new cats with no respect for the art form, they thought tagging some ones house or garage was gettin up & the penalties for getting caught was getting worse!!

14) Where are all the members of TPA now?

I bump into peeps all the time and ask, where is this one and that one.....every body is still doing there thing and holding it a more mature way with their family, kids & jobs, but I'm sure they still have paint in their veins, "I DO!!"

15) Any closing words.

I am glad to be recognized for my contributions!!! I wanna shout out all the soldiers that died in the struggle!
For those of you across the world in the movement......keep the "ART FORM" alive!!!

.........."I am HipHop" -----Pewe219 TpA/Ia 4ever 


Should any one have any of PW's work or any of the members of the TPA crew please contact us MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COMphoto credits go to PW, SYE and TRIKE 1 aka TO.