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Started : 1970's

Area : Sunset park Brooklyn

Alias : CI. ( CRAZY INCA )

Writing Groups : M.A.F.I.A, NCB, TM-7, BYB, TSK ( The Stone Killers ),

Main Lines : RR's, LL's, M's, B's, D's E's, F's, EE's,



It pretty much started like this, I moved to Brooklyn New York in 1966 in the Sunset park section between Park Slope and Bay ridge. In the 8 th grade I was making a presentation for the Social Studies class in behalf of the western Civilization and I study on the Inca’s and Aztec’s history and culture. My moms were good at sewing so she made me an outfit that represented the clothes culture for the Inca’s. On that day in front of the class I made the presentation and after that it was history. The students started to taunt me to call me Inca, Inca, Inca and so fourth at first I was not content but at the end the nick name stuck and at the age of 15 I used the name Inca as my graffiti tag name later when the two letter throw up craze started I chose CI ( Crazy Inca ). I became interested in writing for the reason that I went to a prestigious art school call Art and Design high school and forget about it .Every Graffiti writer went to that school Bomb 1,Shadow,Futura 2000


,Don One and so fourth. I was inspired to see these flat trains as large canvasses and to go out and express my art through art, graphics, styles, colorsand get a free museum tour through out the city. It was a great rush to see a masterpiece that I design stop in front of me or passed by me. Just to see that gave me the rush to do another piece on the weekend. What a rush the smell of Krylon in the mist of the evening on a 90 degree day in the John Dewey Yard in Coney Island. The John Dewey Yard because the large selections of trains and the many escape routes of the yard especially behind the hand ball courts in Coney Island was my favorite target to paint trains.The earliest names was always FTD 56 and Flint 707 however the controversial tag of all time was Save the Worker and the scratchitti of Pray…But the artist that knock me on my ass was Tracy 168 and Kase 2. Awesome Graffiti artists. The first time I hit the trains was in the BMT  tunnels between 36 st and 59 st in Brooklyn . If I am not mistaken I was with

Diz, Ice 13, and my Brother Teo 57. The most thing that was running through my head that I did not get electrocuted by no third rail however the rush was big the sweat was intense. I was purely scare as a virgin to this new wave of crime. My earliest writing pals was Don One, Snak and Roto aka EL 5, Limpie, Snake 1 a.k.a Krazy Snake / ks 3, Ice13 and Spark17 aka SM 17. Spark17 was more of a neighbor hood writer who I pretty much took under my wing and brought him over to the Subways. He was little younger then myself and hung out a lot with AS 2 and his brother Trouble 59. The first group I created the group T.S.K the stone killers, than came Mafia inc,T.M- 7,B.Y.B AND N.C.B no comp boys. To became a well known artist part of the whole art foam was boosting paint ( Stealing Paint )... which was not easy for every artist to accomplish, there were so many risk. I do remember a racking story that was scary




and than again funny. I do remember entering a store called Woolworth’s on 5th avenue in Brooklyn. I was with RR3 and we both had these army coats that you can tie with a draw string in the bottom. I remember having this coat with a sewn in pocket that will go around the brim of the coat and Between RR3 and me we empty out the shelves from the color white, Black, Red. What was funny to me that I was the lookout the first round so every time that I look at the top of the shelve all I see was a hand removing the paint and the same hand over and over .I said in my mind that top shelve is going to look obvious missing than it was my turn to fill my coat. When we where leaving the coats was so heavy and the marbles in the spray cans were moving back and fourth so we started to sing songs aloud so we can kill those marble clashes on the cans. When we came out I think we laugh for a week….close to 20 cans of spray paint….let’s party. Getting chased was part of the chances you had to take to get your art out there.



The ugliest chase I've been in was in the 9th avenue yard where they kept the B trains, there the foreman would release their dogs and those dogs use to chase us …yes I got away and another time it was around 11 pm on a weekend night and a writer name DOOM decides to kick a bottle into the streets on a elevated platform on the B line coming back from


bombing the bottle crashes into a group of white boys on a corner from a bar….WE HEARD some nasty curse words and offering a beating to the person responsible for this. All I heard was a explosive thunder of feet coming up the stair case and the platform was shaking This reminds me of the movie the Warriors, in the nick of time a passing garbage train was passing and all 4 of us jump into the flatbed. Stinking from the garbage smell, but it did beat the beating that we where going to get. My favorite partner to with can be no other then Don one. Don  was a true Italian with zest and grace. A good kid from a good home just like me I live a good home such as little league, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts etc however there was 6 of us and the house can turn to the last house on the left most of the times. Don and me where creative artists and we used to do floor plans on how we are going to burn the trains on the weekend. We ate lunch together and share thoughts and black books a lot and that was what teenagers like us would do all day. I have painted with many other artists however they

don't compare to Don One. The art that we express were incredible. I just wish someone out there has photo of a Inca Don One and Jot 76  Christmas whole car, that was a masterpiece…. if some one can locate it, please reach out to me. DON was king of the inside of the B.M.T's for a few years. I really did not like the insides however STP101, FURY, OUCH, OI, DEN, PANCHO76,


ROTO, SNAK, SAVE THE WORKER were other  writers you could not help seeing in the insides. There were so writers other writers that are unmentioned  which is a shame. Guys that I feel should get more credit are writers like Danger 59, Kindo, Snak and Roto as well as Don one. But Lee and Kase2 would be my favorite artist. In the 70's there were gangs every where, you could not avoid them. My brother TEO 57 was in a gang called the Turban Saints, and I used to have run ins with the twins from The Dirty Ones from time to time. There were a few other gangs like, The Crazy Homicides, La Famialia, The Brooklyn Czar's,  The Assassinators, The Death Chargers, The Brooklyn Brothers etc. Those were some of the most dangerous gangs to be aware of. You had some guys back then who would back ground other peoples art or cross people out for the hell of it. I felt that was stupid! I was a respected artist and respected other artist, I was in the business of painting not thugging or committing crimes such as destroying property, robbing other writers or breaking train windows. I stopped painting when I turned 19 because I got caught two times and my pops was no joke. His rules and beating will make you forget your own

name. The art was a awesome experience …the drama…the suspense…and than the thriller painting for me was the best tool to keep me off the streets, drinking and drugging and I did not become a thug….I finish High Scool, College great job, Married with 2 boys and still enjoying life with out Graffiti. Atleast I was there to taste that vintage wine….To all the writers this was a great decade…love and god bless ~ INCA - ONE!






  Look for the book DON 1 " A KING FROM QUEENS ", Written by B.M.T writer KR 1. Coming  Soon.

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, Photos come from the collection of DON 1 and KR 1 plus  the team at  Look for the Book on legendary B.M.T artist DON ONE in book stores soon. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Copyright © 2003. Should any one have photos of INCA's work, Please contact us at MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COM