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~  ~ Started : 1980's ~ ~

Alias : SL ONE

Area : Jackson Heights , Queens N.Y.

Writing Groups : TPA, TC, 156 - ALL STARS

Main Lines : RR's , N , E , F, J , LL , M , N. 



I started writing in the early 1980's, Queens NY.  I used to like looking at trains when I was young. I use to love drawing  them and linked the way the cars used to click clack over the rails; the way the ties smell on a hot summer day.  The first writers I saw on the subways were; SONONE, OE-3,  AS-2,  P-13,

 FUZZONE, FLAME, ANGEL DUSTER (rip), SOE X-MEN, 2 BAD, BRIM,  PJAY, SEEN, DUSTER and G-MAN .  I wasn't really inspired by any one writer, as much as was hooked on the art that appeared on the outsides.  From my line the ( number 7 line )  SON ONE, CAINE 1, FLAME, FUZZONE, ANGEL DUSTER, 2 BAD, were our most famous writers; and I understood that to achieve this fame the 7 line was just too small.  On weekends I would ride the 2 and 5 line up to the bronx.  I would see all the famous writers of the day;  LEE, SLAVE, SEEN, DUSTER, PJAY, DONDI, KEL 139, SHY147, so much art and whole cars just lighting up the grey ghetto sky with a rainbow of color.  Looking back it was a humbling experience. The name SLONE was handed down to me from this old school cat who was up allot around the neighborhood.  I spelled it with an a; SLOAN as well as SL ONE.My first time was hitting the elevated 7 LINE around my way.  We had these local Graffiti crews; TCA FOC and NOC. the guys that were in the groups at the time were ; SPIKE, SARK 7, TATTOO, KOCE, DEO, EN(rip), E-MAD, SHAT, SHAFT, TZ 3, PM, DALE, and MOUSE. Every night when they

 laid the 7 trains we were in there doing  insides and some outsides. We perfected our racking skills and started killing all the local hardware stores like martin paint on the regular.  My biggest come off was with REC 127 (rip) and SUR 167 TPA.  We did a hardware store.  I think NEO was there... I remember getting on the bus at 7AM with duffle bags and little bags full of paint and tools.  Racking up was a way of life in the ghetto.  We used our sinister skills to boost in the best stores; food, paint sneakers, anything we could get out the door.  Growing up poor, it was the only way sometimes too get a meal or some dough. We perfected our racking skills, as much as our writing skills they went hand and hand back in the day.


  I didn't get down with The TPA Crew till later in the mid to late 80's.  But I knew who they were.  DEMO used to visit his people on 90th St.  I used to chill there and he used to roll up with PUBO. If I remember correctly.  First Generation as I remember as follows:  DEMO, JOEY, VADE, WISE 3, LUST , CEY, SCOP, PUBO, PG 3, DESADE, ( sorry to anyone that I excluded ). I was taking Photos one day on some platform and this cat come up to me and ask me what I write; it

was PW ONE TPA CREW. At the time was just starting to get up major on the trains .  He knew who I was ( ha, ha, ) it  wasn't easy getting down with the crew, I had to prove myself on all levels to put up the PUBLIC ANIMALS.  The Crew second generation were CER,  KAP, LUST, PW aka PEWE, SYE, ADAM, EZO, ABBY. We would bomb but I wasn't allowed to put up the crew,  I was a " guest'.  Even then I couldn't'  bomb with the Big boys of the crew.  I had to chill with the brothers before I could be accepted.  But I remember the day I was put down.  I think we was in 175st layup uptown;  CER came by my throwie and put up TPA in it.  I was proud I earned my place in this Legendary Crew;  all my efforts finally paid off after so many years.  They became like brothers too me. I was the youngest lil' bro.  We had our own handshakes and codes.  I went on to bomb with CER, KAP, LUST, PW, SYE.  Me, SYE and PEWE carried out allot of bombing together.  Doing a whole car with CER and KAP was very honorable to this soldier. Even though I was a member of a top 5 Crew in the day,

I would still keep it tight with the cats I  grew up with.  Me and E-MAD bombed the E's and F's till they could stand no' more.Cats would meet me and ask for CER and KAP to stop stomping there shit. In those days no one fucked with me,  I call it 'PAX ANIMALE' .

  I was down with alot of crews listed: NATION OF CREATION, THE CRAZY ARTISTS, FUCK OFF COPS, CAC, KGB, CITY, TC, IA, WR RRC, BYI, 156 CREW and  IBM. I have hit every Subway line in the city except the shuttles and Staten Island trainsit.  As listed:  1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, A, B, C, D, E, F, GG, J,

  LL, M, N, RR, WORK TRAINS STATIONS, ANYTHING TRANSIT.  My main lines were the RR's , N , E , F, J , LL , M , N.  I concentrated my efforts to the BMT and IND lines.One winter I just went off ! I was hitting everything I could. I came so close to becoming king on the E and F line, but had to settle for the title CROWN PRINCE. If there is such a title. Me, PW and SYE had hit the D-YARD a number of times.  I knew the local crew out there;  Big Up to HAZZY HAZ and his peeps. So we drive up to the yard,  ( If you have been there that hydrant was never turned off.) so me and PEWE go and cut the fence... CER and KAP go on to do a whole car CERISM and KAPSTER while me and PEWE bombed with throw ups. It's getting light outside and it was time to go. Climb up to the hole.. uh-oh the fuckin hole is sewn up.  I panicked because that is the only way out beside going through the tunnel to the D line and that was risky given the time.  Somehow PEWE had the freaking clippers and cut the holes on double fences, The Work bums were walking towards us. The work trains started moving in and out in the early morning  I thought we was busted for sure.  Somehow  we made it through that fucking morning nightmare...... I

  lived allot of adventures through my missions, and if I had time time you wouldn't believe the outcome of some. In all the years I wrote, I've have written with so many writers. But here's a short list of those I call Brothers whov'e I' ve bombed with:  CER, KAP, LUST, PEWE, SYE, ADAM, PAR, REC 127, SUR 167, GATO 1,  PM, DES, TITO, DOMINGO, NOB, JAY, CHINO, SAST, OHDEE, VS aka VESA, GHOST, NEO, NYE, E-MAD, LOOK, DUTCH aka LELAND, TATTOO, NL aka KOCE, SPEC, REP, THE HOT CRUE (city hall ), PURE, DANNY. Back in the days when I was getting up hard on the trains the buff

 ( Cleaning of the trains ) was very strong  and catching a clean train in those days was easy, the subway cars like the ridgies, rockets, half ridge' but the flats... that was another story.  I had beef with BUF I think in those days. Also I remember early in those days being stopped by BOE RTW; he had a problem with me writing SL ONE ( in memoriam EL-3 RIP ) he stopped me on canal coming off the bridge lay up, I was with E-MAD and this dude EN ONE ( rip ) they had gotten raided, I recognized MIN ONE, and stood still as we were going into the lay-up.  I knew at that point we had gotten the attention we wanted; but not like this.  Beef with a major crew at the start of your career, was not good...  MIN and RTW dogged my shit, and it wasn't till TPA and RTWOW had a sitdown at this gallery opening on 23rd Street that the beef was going to get squashed. I didn't make it that day. PEWE gave me the wrong 23st.  I missed the meeting...CER and KAP  squashed that beef...... nuff said. I had a few choice spots to bomb trains like City Hall ( with E-MAD ) , THE BRIDGE LAY UP, THE BOWERY STREET LAY UP, FORT HAMILTON, BAY RIDGE, BRIGHTON BEACH, THE DEWEY YARD, THE M-YARD, THE GHOST YARD, 175st. lay-up, HALSEY, 137 ST. LAY-UP, 75 ST., VAN WYK.. the list goes on and on.  As a member of a major CREW we had unlimited access to all lay ups yards, whether the beef was on or not, we were going in. Ferrari and Curley,  we gave em' such a hard time on the E's and F's and on the 7 line. I got pinched twice,  After that I learned that real bad boys move in silence. My peak year as a writer was 84-85.  It was elegant destruction, of trains, lay ups, crews, yards.  I was down with a major crew;  It was literally " Fuck You Pay Me ".  Even after the 2nd Generation Crew broke up, I continued bombing and pushing THE PUBLIC ANIMALS.  At time I would look down the lonely lay-up, and wish my brothers were there as well.  I could hear their voices in the tunnel as I bombed...TPA the second gen. NUFF RESPECT DUE!!!!!!



I got allot of my fame on how unique my throwie up's looked.  I started with a universal bubble, and every time I did it, it just got got more modern. To what it is now.  The best looking throw up I feel were by CER, KAP, LUST, PEWE, SYE, DEMO, ADAM. The rest in no particular order: HAZE aka SE-3, SR aka SUSTER, YD-43, MIN aka NE, BOE, SAGO, JOEY- TPA, ANGEL DUSTER, SON ONE ,  ICE, RE, SAKE, TRIKE, QUIK, KP, PG 3, CN, CK, NYE, VISA, PM ONE, SB. There has been allot of writers over looked in the history of Graff  such as guys like YD-143, REC 127, E-MAD, EL-3 , POKE IBM, SLAM, RAB, SAGO, PG , WEB TC5, EKO, VISA.    

 I stopped in 88-89.  It just wasn't the same.  The media had branded it an eyesore.  Like when TATNB was out; those were some of the best whole car work I saw and documented in the early to late 80's. I can compare it to to the early days of  NOC 167 and DONDI's work. A time of innocence....when the colors lit up the grey ghetto sky like back in the days. In closing I like to say  Gracias a my mother. Thanks for all the times you bailed me out, sorry for that cabinet I tested out my paint on.  Peace to ALL MY TPA CREW...1st and 2nd Generation.... to my first crews TCA FOC NOC, TATTOO and my boys EMAD and my little Brother PMONE.


Peace,  ...........SLOAN TPA CREW 






We would like to thank SYE for making this bio possible, Photo credits go to SYE, TRIKE, SUR 167, SES, FUZZ ONE and the team at  Looks for Bio's of other TPA members, LUST and CER ONE in the near future.  Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Copyright Subway 2003. Should any one have photos of Staff's work, Please contact us at MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COM