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History of writers.

Started : 1982

Area : Brooklyn New York

Alias : LO, LOGOISM.

Lines hit : B's, M's, L's, J's, RR's, K's, CC's, A's

Writing Groups : MOD, WOW, RTW, CIA, GOD, TVS, TD, NSA, TNS, TM-5, TOP.




I started writing in the summer of 1982.  After watching Graffiti happen around where I lived in Brooklyn and seeing this dude who

wrote CERT ( who was down with the original MOD CREW), I became inspired. The prez of the original M.O.D crew was MRR who at that time in the early 1980's was killing all the insides of the BMT's and IND's, his tag had mad style and no one now days gives him any credit fore. Cert and I went to grade school together and back in those days he had very nice style, more than most of the older dudes who were writing then.  He showed me how to write and educated me on what a real writer was.  CERT took me out, hitting the streets and motion tagging the insides of trains.  Back then, dudes were just killing the BMT’s, writers such as YD143, who also wrote SAKE (and had the dopest throwies  in the game), PG3 (who was king of the M’s and J’s), DELK, SOR, RAC, DEAL, NSA, MRR, KB, IZ THE WIZ, QUIK, SES, BT aka BADTAXI (who was king of the insides) SS, CHIC, KROOK / KROOKLYN, ERA, SAGO, MINONE aka NE (who was ripping shit up)






The first time I went to a yard, was in 1983.  It was the Dewey yard in Brooklyn by John Dewey High School.  From my

understanding during that time, the Dewey yard was the biggest yard in New York City.  I was just a little kid back then, with a pilot marker in my hand and these giant subway cars hovered over me .  I remember it was me, CHIP, CERT, RESE, MRR and ERB.  We jumped into the insides of trains just started killing shit with fresh bottles of flow master ink.  That night, it felt like we were in paradise, and from that point on, I was hooked. There is a funny story to how I found the name LOGO.  While I was in Grade School my teacher would always see me writing on paper and had asked me if I was I writing my logo.  When I asked her, “What is a logo?”  She said, “It’s your trade mark”.  So, that name stuck with me ever since then.  I started bombing the yards and lay-ups that were closest to me.  Since I lived in Park Slope around 4th Avenue and 20th Street, the lay-ups closest to me were on Pacific Street, which held the B and Q trains.  From there I went on to hit the Bowery Lay-ups, where the M and J trains were parked and took several trips to the M-yard out in fresh pound road, that had a bus yard right beside it. The bus were just as bombed as the trains were .  There were writers out there even doing top to bottoms on the the buses.




On the weekdays I would head over to Church Avenue, where the B trains were parked.  We called those, the Star Wars trains.  Not too far from there, we (me, CHIP, CERT, RESE, MRR and ERB) went to the Fort Hamilton lay-ups, which held the F trains.  During the weekends, we hit the Grant Avenue lay-ups in Queens, which had the CC and A trains.  That spot is where I started bombing with BASE, REBEL, and BUF.  We tore shit, up in that place.  I started to pick-up a routine on all the spots I hit, and little by little other writers started hearing of me.


The first writing group I was put in was the MOD CREW, short for Masters of Disasters, which belonged to MR.R.  The crew was later passed down to CHIP from MR.R.  It started as a writing group and then we turned it into an OUTLAW group.  I also pushed other groups like TCT, which YDEE 143 put me down with.  TNK, WOW, TNS, RTW, YD, KO, GOD, were with BASE’S CREW, which was given to him from an old school Brooklyn writer, BERETA.  BERETA back in those days, was king of the insides of the BMT’s.



The insides, is an art that gets no play in the history books.  There were dudes that were killing them with a certain flare, like SES, who had this hand writing style called Devil Style.  BT (aka BAD TAXI), KROOK, SS, CHIC, SOR, RAZ, DURO I, FLIN, RAC, ERA, MRR, AC, JOE NUTS, REN, OE.3, and P13 were all very much into bombing the insides and were seen in almost every train on the

BMT’s. Tagging has become a lost art now days.We made our own markers and filled them up so they dripped down the panels of the subway cars.  That is something that most Brooklyn writers, were famous for.  I loved writing with uni-wide and mini-wide markers and would rock the Devil Style, which was created by SES.  SES also had a group called “Devils of Graffiti” and wrote with the TBK Crew back in the day.  I feel SES had the greatest hand writing style in graffiti history, and he should get props for what he did in the insides.  Everyone and their mother, in Brooklyn were trying to bite his style.  But the dude’s style was so hard for anyone to steal.  He had the greatest penmanship, especially with that super “S” he did.  It was the Bomb!


The markers I hated to write with while hitting the insides were magnums and pilots.  Magnums were a pain in the ass to refill, pilots were alright, but you had to change the filter and that became messy.  I used to throw an eraser tip on to my pilots, so I could get nice thick, juicy tags out of them.  My favorite tools to write with were TNT’s, uni-wides and mini-wide markers with the flo-master ink.  A few years later, the supermarket ink became popular and so I started hitting insdes with that.  Flow master ink was difficult to get a hold of because most stores sold it from behind the counter.  It was too expensive to buy and too hard to rack up.  It was cheaper and more convenient for me to use the supermarket ink.  The spot to rack up this ink was on Flatbush Avenue, in a store called Samuel Underberg.  Almost everyone in Brooklyn went to this place to get their ink.  While I was in the store, a couple of times, I ran into CREAM. RTW and SASOON.


One day, I was casing out the spot and had a thought of just dragging my hand across the whole shelf and drop every fuckin bottle of

 ink into a garbage bag.  If I did do that, and opened the door real fast the bell would go off.  But if you opened the door slowly, the bell would not go off.  So one day, I went in there, through the back door with a garbage bag and opened the door slowly and must have grabbed about one hundred pint size bottles of supermarket ink.  There were all colors from blue, to green, purple and black.   That was back in 1985, when I did a master bomb with all that ink.  I bombed every fuckin car in the insides.  There was only one other writer using that same ink, during that summer of 1985, and that was this dude SAST. When you’re bombing the insides, you are bound to run into conflict with a few writers over space.  I had this beef with DJ BONES (or DJ FRANKY BONES), who had a war with CI (AKA JAZ) from the MOG CREW, RE.MOG, CHARM.TNR, LOST, GHOST, ZE (AKA ZANE), BET, ROACH, and JN all use to cross me out at one time or another. BASE was a dude that always had my back and would never front on no one.




I had a problem with LOST over the use of the “LO” initial.  Then Ghost jumped on the dick and started crossing me out.  But I got to say that LOST was the original LO.  Since the dude was not writing anymore the name now belongs to me.  I have a few ways to do my throw-ups, which I perfected.  There are three different L’s I use to my LO’s; one is an old-school “L”, another is this one L that I got from LIL STAR 7DS.  I came up with the P.NUT “L”,  that I used back in 1985.  Now, I mainly use the old school L.  I look back

now and laugh about all that war I had with LOST over the use of the LO throw up. It’s not the point of who was the original to use the name, but the point of having your own style and being up with it.  As a Brooklyn writer, you had to have style on your throw-ups or you were just deemed a toy, by your peers.  My favorite throw-ups that I saw back in the day, were by dudes like SAGO (who had the only nice S), BOE had nice JL throw-ups that, JA later bit off him.  Others like YDEE143, KP, PG3, put up the best throwies I ever saw, hands down, was done by HAZE (SE.3). Every writer has a year when they feel it all come together, be it with style or just bombing hard.  For me, it would have to be the summer of 1985, when I started winding down.  It wasn’t until my boy SAGO decided to make a comeback in 1986, that the WOW  crew gave their last bomb.  It

was “THE KINGS ARE BACK”, which was their anthem.  I lived in an area that had a lot of factories.  There was this one place that manufactured pipe and that used Krylon paint.  I remember sneaking into this spot and grabbing as much paint as I could get my hands on.  This new generation of writers have no clue on what it take to be a writer. I look at some of the shit that on the walls and it makes me fucken sick. These guys have no style to there hand writing and the names they pick are just as fucken stupid. To this younger generation keep this game true to your heart, perfecting your style is the number one in being a true writer. I like to give a shout out to my man and brother CHIP-MOD, REBEL-NSA, BUF-NSA, BASE-GOD, YDEE 143-TST, the  original leader of M.O.D... MRR, SIKE-MOD, COMA-MOD, ERB, CERT-MOD, DELK-MOD, BOE and SAGO.  ~~~~ ONE LOVE ~~~~~~



Should any one have any of  LOGO's work or any of the members of the M.O.D crew please contact us MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COM  Photo credits go to LOGO, CHIP, Damaris padilla and the team at Subway