Started: 1977

Alias: MR. PADE ,  PD ,

Main lines: All City.




 I first started writing in 1977 in Manhattan. I wrote ZEUS at that time just a toy tagging up around my neighborhood with a ď EL MARKOĒ I use to see a lot of graff on the IRT's and IND's. I really admired JESTERís work. He had unbelievable tag style and BOMBED!!! That was in the days before the buff and every time I rode the train I saw his shit. I remember seeing a clean car that FUZZ ONE had caught and destroyed! I didnít know how he had done it. In those days I used to take moving tags in the last car. I didnít know where the yards were.




By 1979 I was seeing pieces on the IRTís by LEE that blow my mind. I remember there was this T to B LEE with this green dragon on the 2 train that pulled into the station. I would take the train to every stop to check out this piece when I got to the other end to check out the dragon, the conductor stuck his head out the window and said ď Itís fantastic ainít it!Ē I looked at him and said ďDamned straight!Ē

I was hanging out with REGAL RTW in 1979 when I first did insides on a train I wrote 2RUF. We had pentel markers, a uniwide, and set up cheap skeleton keys that I had filed down. We use to pin out the nobís on the pentels and fill them up with flomaster ink so they would drip big time. We use to call them ďgeebing ď. At the time the insides the insides of the ones where pretty much trashed. You needed a marker like that to go over other writers and make it hard for them to go over you. In spring of 1979 I met BILROCK 161 aka SAGE , prez of the Rolling thunder Writers. I used to hang out at BILROCKís and look at his photo album he had shots of some incredible burners. I was used to running down the platform trying to take a mental snapshot of pieces. Now I could look at pieces by DONDI , NOC167, PART , FUZZ ONE , KEL , SHY147 (RIP), FED2, TRACY168 , T-KID, TEAM. The first time I did a piece on the outside of a train was at the 1 yard at Van Cortlandt park. I originally intended to hit the 1 tunnel at 145st and Broadway but there were dozens of work bums there. It was Saturday afternoon but I was dying to paint so I went to the yard in broad daylight. First they pulled out the train I was piecing on so I had to move down a row and start again. I went to the 1 tunnel with my homeboy REGAL and did a windows down, QUIK RTW showed up by himself and went and did a windows down whole car a few cars away from us.


                                        Writers used to come from all five boroughs and knock on BILROCKís window which was on the street level. BILROCK was at the end of his writing career at the time but I did go writing with him a bunch of times . One night we did a piece at the CC yard with MOOSE106 and T-KID170 and I think maybe BOOZER. By that time I was writing PADE.  We also went bombing with KB and KN to the bmtís. By this time BILROCK passed the RTW crew down to MIN aka NE . I started hanging out with MIN a lot he got me in to throw upís and started doing PD throw upís which are the predominate letters in PADE.





I wrote for a lot of crews, RTW, TVS, TD , WOW , TMB , TNS , ROC , TB , UA , RSC, FRESH KIDDS. I hit yards and lay-ups in every borough and many places that writers were afraid to hit. Grant lay-ups on the A train was pretty hot with the cops and I had to ride way out to East New York (from manhattan) with a big bag of paint. One time me MIN and BYE (RIP) got popped by a hot dog cop when we were almost to our stop. We ended up handcuffed together to the railing at Euclid ave. When he got us out of sight he punched MIN in the mouth really hard. A lieutenant came down to look at us. We said we were going to 

IZ THE WIZíS house, because he lived nearby, to paint canvases. They gave us summonses for carrying spray paint on the train. I had always heard of how hot city hall lay-up on the RR line was. It was supposedly stupid to even try to hit it. ď That spot become our shit!Ē I knew so many ways to get out of there that I felt as safe as in my own crib! The AA yard at 175th was also my home away from home. MIN would get back home at 4am,Then we would charge over to 175th street and open the exit hatch from the street and go down stairs to bomb. the bridge was anther spot we would go in the middle of the day. We would go after morning rush hour walk down the stairs to East Broadway and get Chinese Food.

The E line truly was hot and I have been chased and raided hitting the E and F trains about 50% of the time both in the yard and on Sutphin. When I think of all of the yards and lay-ups I bombed I know that I killed shit! I hit RRís, Mís, Jís, LLís, Dís, AAís , CCís, Eís and Fís , 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , and the train to the plane in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx . My only regret is that my efforts were unfocused. If I had had stuck to one, two , three , even four lines I might have gotten a little more fame. The only line I never bombed was the 7 line.




 The only writer that was all city to me was JESTER. Being that I was MIN1ís partner I had war with everyone. At that time war necessary to keep writers real, and Protect our lay-upís from becoming brunt, and discourage toys. Nothing personal to anyone I robbed, punched back in the day. I would like to give some advice to youngsters out there today.  Learn your history about writers before you and where it comes from. The transit Authority did their best to erase my work and of my homeboys and countless others. Donít let the origins of an amazing art from be forgotten. Also if anyone has any pictures of my shit I would appreciate having it. 




Peace to all my home boysÖ.. BILROCK, REGAL , HUGHIE RTW, IZ THE WIZ, CAZ 2 , NE aka MIN1, RICH2 , BOE , KEL139, MARE139 , SAGO, SEEN ,



Rest in Peace >>> SHY147, EL3, BYE .  






Should any one have any of PADE's work or any of the members of the RTW crew please contact us MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COM  Photo credits go to PADE.