STAN 153



Started : Early 70's

Area : Manhattan N.Y.

Main lines : 1's, 3's,

Writing Groups : 3YB, IND'S , EX / VANDALS.




I started writing Graffiti in Harlem New York in 1970. the first writers I could remember seeing up were... TAKI183 and JOE182. They were all over the streets and train stations in Manhattan in those years and truly inspired me to try to do the same. I started just tagging up around the projects where I lived and would go out side the neighborhood now and then. I would take trips to scope other lines in Brooklyn with my partner at the time VESTER1 and see dudes up like "KING OF KOOLS" and SUPER APPS, they were all over Brooklyn back then.


I would meet up with CLIFF159 & JESTER who both lived around my neighborhood, but I knew them both since the 1st grade and freaked out when I found out they both wrote. I would take my first trip hitting the trains with them at the CC lay ups in Manhattan, then after wards we would hit the streets. I wanted to know more about what was going on in the world of writing so me and CLIFF would take trips out to the Bronx on 149th street and Grand Concourse. We would meet up with writers at this Coffee shop out there and trade stories and sign books. There were a lot of big name writers that would hang out there like BUG170, T-REX131,  PEARL149 , PINTO168 and even PHASE2 would hand out there now and then. it was great spot for information and to pick up style.




The 3YB crew started in 1972 -73  with a trip we took to the three yard in Harlem where we opened several holes in the fence to escape. After killing the yard we wanted to start  our crew so being that we owned the 3 yard we came up with the 3 yard boys (3YB) and it stuck. The original members of the crew were ROME150 , KAY152 , BOOGIE150 , ADD170, HACE150 , FUN161, LACE150, PIPPER and a few others. Our focus was mainly the 3 line that we pretty much took control of, but would take trips to other lines as well. We were sort of trouble makers back then and would cross out cars that would come into our yard, I can remember a car that the soul artist did that we all went over that started a famous fight between us and the Soul Artist. The fight was planed to take place on 103rd street in Manhattan on the Broadway line every one was there . Writers from all over the City wanting to see what was going to happen even Phase2 made a trip out there. The big fight turned out to be not such a big fight after all but just a meeting, We all ended up talking it out then joining each others group.


I would keep the 3YB crew going while the rest of the original members had died off. I would make CLIFF recruiter and ask him to go out and get more writers in the group, and that's just what he did by the end of the year there were about a hundred new members in the crew. The crew end up All City and would be written next to names like... VINNY, COMET, AFX2, ROGER and so many others.

In the 1974-75 NOGA would open it's doors to a new generation of writers and I would hang out there and teach style to some of the kids there. It was mainly styles I had picked up from other parts of the City and would pass it around NOGA. I would go on to help many writers like NOC167  and CHAIN3.


BUTCH 2 , SCAR1 , CASE 2 , NOC 167, CHAIN 3 , STAN 153.


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