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STARTED : 1970's

AREA : Bronx New York

ALIAS : BOND 174, CC 1,  LIME 280

MAIN LINES : 1's, 2's , 3's,  4's, 5's, 6's, B's, D's, CC's ..etc

WRITING GROUPS : TMT ( "The Magnificent Team" ) , MTA, 3YB, TFP, CA




TEAN 5 began writing in the 1970's under the name  CC 1 on the buses in the Bronx. TEAN and his brother Kade 198  are responsible for forming one of the greatest writing groups in history... " T.M.T "... ( THE MAGNIFICENT TEAM! ) The group started in 1977 in the Tremont section of  the Bronx and grow to became city wide with very predigest membership such as  FED 2, CHINO MALO,  ADROCK, REE 2 aka OPEL,  FUZZ ONE, RATE 125, VINE, BEST, CRANE, MAURICE 167, KF 174, SEK 170, BEAR 167, TYBU 2, PE 5, PAVO,  TEEN  and style master of the late 70's CHAIN 3. It was their ambition to up hold and build upon standards set by writers like PHASE 2 and RIFF 170. The group  became known for doing colorful window-down whole cars and VAUGHN BODE characters, particularly on the 2 and 5 lines of the IRT division. up until 1979, which were peak years of activity. TMT also had a very feared repetition  maintaining a strong presence on the IRTs. TMT Along with TDS were the premiere groups of there era.