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                                   Started: 1970's                                     

Writing groups: BLS

                                                                            Area: South Bronx N.Y.


Main lines: 1ís, 2ís, 3ís, 4ís, 5ís, 6ís.






  The first time I seen graffiti was in 1970's in the south Bronx where I lived at the time seeing guys like El MARKO174, KAZOO143 and the PHK crew ( party hardy killers.) These names where all over the place in those days, I would find myself doing the same thing as well.                                     

In 1975 would have to be the first time I went to hit the trains at the Gunhill layups in the Bronx. It was me and a writer by the name of EASE707 that night and we did three simple pieces it was a very scary night. I would take a long lay off to brush up on my skills then in 1976 I would go back with EASE707 and do a few more pieces. those where some great years there where so many cars running and so much to learn from , some of the best cars would run  right by you and blow your mind one or two of them I could remember to this day Ö Purple Haze car done by AZTEC , CASE & BUTCH whole cars and a writer by the name of PADRE2.  

In 1977 I would meet KEL139 / KEL1st at the writers bench on 149th street. We  both just clicked and both agreed in what direction we wanted our art to go in . We would go on these crazy racking missions then go piecing afterwards at 125th st layups where they would hold the 2s and 5s and we would kill the whole layup with , windows downs , top to bottoms.




 We would also take many trips to the 1's on the Broadway line and started painting with  guys like , BUTCH2 & CASE2 , NOC167, SHY147 , 2MAD , NAC143 , We would all start raising eye brows on the Broadway line. In 1979 KEL would start hanging out with DONDI in Brooklyn and me myself with DAZE  and we just sort of drifted away from each other and you could say  that was the year I decided to quit.  


I finished high school in 1979 and wanted to find out what I wanted to do with my life though I made small come backs and the last was with DAZE and MIDG. I wanted to focus more showcasing my work at galleries and in Oct.1980 we opened up fashion moda to the public and it was a very big success. We had a hand full of artist like myself, NOC167, MITCH77, ZEPHYR, LEE and LADY PINK. This was my first show and one of the biggest , since then my art has been seen all over the world . Thatís one thing about pop art its always moving forwards, and about what is now.  




 ~~~`~~~~   CRASH .