" Boozer "


STARTED : Late 1970's.

AREA : Staten Island. N.Y .






1 ) When did you start writing and how did you come up with the name BOOZE.

In 1978 with SIK one in Staten island, its kind of sad how I came up with Booze, SIK's mom and the women I lived with were alcoholics so I started writing Booze.

2 )  Where are you from and who were the writers that inspired you.

I'm originally from Brooklyn. I was in  foster care a lot and homeless a lot. then I moved to Staten island and then to Manhattan for good. well cats like BASIC 5RIN TD,  BENO (rip) ,  COS 207SAGE 1 / BIL ROCK 161 , TKID 170,  I had a lot of people who inspired me.

3 ) Could you tell us about the first time you went bombing.

First time was in Staten island with the original TVS squad and the destroyers TD, but the first time all of us went bombing for real was with SHOCK 123, TKID 170, VANDAL, COS 207, KEL 139 , KID PANAMA (rip) and then to the Ghost yard.

4 ) Who were your first real partner.

SIK 1 was my first partner then kind of RIN 1 was and BASIC 5, but I did most of my best work with T-KID 170, and all my bombing partners later were MIN, BOE, RICH 2, PADE, SAGO, SE 3 / HAZE, and the whole crew.

5 ) What yards or lay up did you hit the most and why.

In the beginning it was the ghost yard and one tunnel. later on my own it was the D yard and city hall. as you know RTW OWNED city hall and the lay up was sweet.  me and TKID 170 did all our burners in the ghost yard or the one tunnel.

6) What writing groups were you down with back then.

TVS, TNB, TD, RTW, WOW, IND'S, ROC, DBL and so on.

7) What year would you say was your best year as a writer.

Well 1981-1984 with TKID 170 on the 1 line. But I did get up on the M's, J's, B's, D's and RR's with Min and the WOW crew.

8) Could you tell us the train lines you hit back in the day. RR's, N's, E's and F's, the D LINE, CC's, M's, B's everything we hit it all.

JULY aka BOE and BR aka BOOZER 1984.

9)Would you have any raid stories to share with us?

Well the only raid stories I have is when me and PADE beat BABY ROCK's ass from the Ball Busters cause RIN ONE told us to and 10 minutes later they came down to the tunnel with like 100 dudes. they caught me, COS 207 and BIL ROCK and a few others and beat our fucking asses..

10) You were down with two of the most feared crews, RTW and TVS. When did you get down with them and can you tells us some of your experiences with them.



 I was down with them 2 crews from the beginning, BILROCK 161  put me down with RTW , I loved them dudes, we all just use to get high and go bombing those were great times. TVS was a real wild crew RIN 1 put me down, we use to do some serious shit not related to writing if you know what I mean.. I just felt invincible with both them crews. I love all of them.

11) When was the last time you went hitting and why did you quit.

Shit I think in 1986 was the last time I quit cause I had to get my shit together and all the crews were falling apart. Like cats in jail and dieing and shit. I had to get my shit together and start living my life as a man.


12) any closing words.

thanks for recognizing me. I donít regret anything I did. I just want to shout out min, BOE ,RICH 2, SAGO, BASIC 5, SIK 1, SAINT 5, KEL 1st , MARE, PADE, HAZE / SE3, IZ THE WIZ, PG 3 (rip) , SHY 147(rip) BILROCK, REVOLT, ZEPHYR, RASTA, BENO (rip), SMILEY (rip) ,TKID 170, RAC 7,  MIDG, KID PANAMA (rip), GIL, SASH, QUIK, RIN 1, and SHOCK 123,  sorry if I forgot anyone  and to all the true old school writers. thanks Subwayoutlaws . one love...








Should any one have any of BOOZER's work,  please contact us at MESSAGE@SUBWAYOUTLAWS.COM. Interview written and conducted 11/23/03. Photo credits go to BOOZER, T-KID 170 and the team at Subway Outlaws.